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Skyworth-DPVR-4D VR-Headset

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  • S000046
    • standalone VR system - no smartphone or computer required
    • many integrated functions improve the virtual experience
    • suitable for people who wear glasses
    • under 400g weight - ultra light - perfect for long streaming
    • depending on the video, a resolution of up to 4k is available
    • can be combined with the VORZE A10 Piston SA or the VORZE Cyclone SA + Plus
  • All-in-one VR headset specially designed for VR porn! Enjoy and live this... more


    All-in-one VR headset specially designed for VR porn!

    Enjoy and live this ultra-realistic experience! 

    L.A.B has developed a standalone VR headset that combines everything you need to enjoy VR porn! No extra smartphone or computer is required to use it - all software is pre-installed so that you can start as soon as you have your new VR headset in your hands.

    This VR set is already the updated and new version of the previously successful predecessor. Based on an Android interface, the DPVR-4D offers its benefit an improved VR experience for adults.


    With its exquisite lenses, a clear, wide view is available. The realistic view can also be combined with your headphones or a speaker to create the ultimate virtual experience.
    Many built-in functions improve your virtual experience with these glasses. Thanks to the spacious interior design, you can wear glasses, for example, in combination with this VR set. There is also a special sensor integrated that automatically stops / plays the video when you take the headset off or put it back on.
    While the earlier SKYWORTH VR glasses had analog buttons for control, the DPVR can be operated with the touchpad on the side. The device can access the Internet via WiFi and establish a high-speed connection. Easily stream your favorite videos from now on!


    The user interface is based on the Android system. Thanks to this, it is even possible to watch high definition VR videos or VR porn. For example, the Adult Festa VR website is fully compatible.

    The headset itself weighs 317 g, the pillow (33 g) and the headband (36 g). Even if you add everything up to the individual weights, the VR glasses still weigh less than 400g!
    This lightweight set is therefore perfect for streaming videos over a long period of time without pain or stress as it doesn't start and pinch.

    The FOV has a wide angle, which means that you can turn your head while the VR video is playing and still get a smooth and realistic view! Depending on the video, a resolution of up to 4k is available.


    The biggest feature, of course, is VR + 1D compatibility. This device can be controlled with VORZE toys such as the A10 Cyclone SA + PLUS and the A10 Piston SA via the integrated Bluetooth connection. By playing the videos in + 1D format on this HMD while the VORZE products are connected, the device will move by itself and synchronize with the movements in the video! Experience fully automated, realistic virtual sex that you won't find anywhere else!


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