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Girls Dungeon

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  • F000521
    • high quality masturbator from Magic Eyes with 6 holes
    • unique "labyrinth" inner tunnel structure
    • two-layer material structure
    • Free lube included
    • Weight: 1100 grams
    • Dimensions: 180 x 120 x 115 mm
  • Absolutely unique masturbator with an incredible labyrinthine structure +++ We... more

    Absolutely unique masturbator with an incredible labyrinthine structure

    +++ We introduce! - The Girl's Dungeon +++

    With 6 holes, this masturbator offers an unprecedented experience. Each of these individual holes has its own structure.

    Enjoy the cozy moment and concentrate on the cozy, warm and pleasant pussy of the Girls Dungeon Onahole by Magic Eyes.

    This medium-sized masturbator is a reduced mini-torso with a lot of size and a weight of 1100g to hold on to. This makes it a little heavier than conventional masturbators. The outer material consists of the well-known "Magic Eyes Skin" material, which makes it extremely soft and realistic to the touch.

    The packaging shows the "work of art" of the cute girl on which the toy is based. The real allure of this onahole, however, is its inner tunnel, which is a complex maze of curves and bends coated with several pleasant textures that lead to her butt hole. A design that includes every element and at the same time offers a high level to experience an incomparable and powerful orgasm.

    The technical data of the individual halls are listed below:

    Hole # 1 = "The Wave" - ​​deep, wave-like tunnel
    Hole # 2 “P Spot” has what is known as a dog leg with a bulge at the end
    Hole # 3 “The Contraction” has a winding pressure point and a contraction function
    Hole # 4 “The Squeeze” contains a kind of tight spiral that leads away from hole # 3
    Hole # 5 “The Pocket” has a tight curve at the front entrance
    Hole # 6 “Back Passage” is a super tight, studded tunnel

    The material construction of Magic Eyes Girl's Dungeon is a two-layer design. In the two-layer construction design, the outside of the masturbator is made of a softer material, while the inside is lined with a harder, more stimulating material. This allows a comfortable and soft feeling when holding the masturbator, while the inside is more stimulating due to the second material.

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