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(n.A.) Meiki No Hinkaku: Eiro Chika

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  • F000398
    • soft hand masturbator based on the model of the Japanese porn actress Eiro Chika
    • Successor to the cult masturbator Meiki no Hinkaku
    • closed end causes great vacuum feeling during masturbation
    • special lubricant included in delivery
  • Meiki no Hinkaku: Eiro Chika continues one of the most famous sex toy series for men that has... more

    Meiki no Hinkaku: Eiro Chika continues one of the most famous sex toy series for men that has ever existed in Japan. The original series had so much influence that it changed the market forever. Many new masturbators are still based on these products: We are of course talking about Meiki no Hinkaku: Shitatsuki and Uetsuki, which were released in the classy wooden box. The absolutely realistic design, in the conception and execution of which 7 years were invested, and the internal structure, which conveys this amazing feeling of pleasure, made this series a worldwide best seller! A successor was long overdue and was more than expected by many enthusiastic fans! In 2012 the Japanese porn actress Eiro Chika was selected to follow in the footsteps of this great series!

    Masters of the Japanese adult industry have worked together and pooled their experience to produce these Meiki in Hinkaku quality (Hinkaku is Japanese for elegance). The result is the perfect reproduction of Eiro Chika’s vagina!

    Like the original versions of the series, the new Meiki no Hinkaku is also a closed onahole. However, cleaning is a breeze: this masturbator can be turned inside out like a sock without fear of damage. The material is super soft and supple. Feel the Japanese quality! Of course, non-toxic, almost odorless TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) was used for the production. For the construction of the inner structure of this Meiki onahole, secret data was used and the real Meiki vagina by Eiro Chika was thoroughly analyzed in order to create an exemplary image with sophisticated technologies. The curvy structure of the corridor simulates the feeling of pressure a woman's body feels on the penis. From the transverse grooves in the entrance area to the longitudinal grooves in the end area: an incredibly real experience! Penetrate this meiki and slowly feel your way to the end. Eiro Chika’s vagina will take you in with pleasure! Imagine how you penetrate past the juicy G-spot into the zero-diameter area of ​​this Meiki. Use lube sparingly for a complete experience!

    This new Meiki no Hinkaku is really a venerable successor!

    Meiki no Hinkaku: Eiro Chika is 17 cm long. At the thickest point the diameter is approx. 9 cm, at the narrowest point approx. 7 cm. The total weight is 550 grams. The scope of delivery includes a sample of lubricant gel with a slight scent.


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