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ONDO! Moco ONDO! Moco
Small, handy and yet of real size - MOCO is the official successor to the ONDO! MIC The "fat" with a lot of swing in the waist. This small, yet bulky and compact 2-hole masturbator is the official successor to the popular ONDO! MIC . We...
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Discover and experience MIC - a compact double-hole masturbator from ONDO! With its optimal weight of around 600g, this stroker lies perfectly in the hand and literally hugs you. Due to its realistic and detailed structure, MIC...
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ONDO! Furu ONDO! Furu
Compact design, yet handy and light; Enjoy with one hand or completely hands-free! Experience a perfectly shaped and designed love tunnel. A multitude of angled points offer you the most intense stimuli on your glans and stimulations on...
€69.95 *
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Experience ultimate blowjob & intense vaginal feeling in just one masturbator! The adorable NUPU is back, with a new design and a completely new look. The second edition of NUPU , a double-sided masturbator with gorgeous lips and a cute...
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Experience blowjob & vaginal fun in just one masturbator with the first NUPU! Like its sister, NUPU 2 , NUPU is a double-sided stroker that is open on both sides with a realistic mouth-like opening on the front and a detailed vaginal...
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Japan | Manufacturer | Quality | Moe-Girl-Illustrations

ONDO! Is a Japanese manufacturer founded in 2017 for particularly sophisticated products and lovingly designed designs.

The name of the company is derived from the Japanese word "温度 (ondo)", which means something like "warmth" - and that is exactly the aim of this company; to give warmth to all your products as if they had been brought to life.

ONDO! is still a young and small company but has nonetheless created a number of smash hits that weave their way through the classic models in which major manufacturers excel. They also do an excellent job creating packaging with cute moe girl illustrations that appeal to otakus in the Akihabara area.

ONDO! and his team are one of those companies that are in the midst of growth with good prospects for a bright future.

We can look forward to the great products and the many that will follow. We at Omocha Dreams will definitely be there and support the young team!