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Onahole Cleaning Stick (5pcs.)
Onahole Cleaning Stick (5pcs.)
The cleaning sponge in a pack of 5 for your masturbator To ensure a lot of fun and a long lifespan, the care and cleaning of your onahole is extremely important. This set of 5 cleaning sticks cares for and cleans the sensitive love...
€7.95 *
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Onahole Powder "Hole Sara Touch"
Onahole Powder "Hole Sara Touch"
Antibacterial care powder with silver ions for your masturbator The care powder "Hole Sara Touch" keeps your favorite onahole pleasantly supple. After using the onahole, apply the powder to your masturbator with the supplied powder...
Content 45 Gramm (€55.44 * / 100 Gramm)
€24.95 *
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