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The Science of Pleasure

The Eroscillator is the vibrator chosen in first place. It has been clinically proven that it is far more effective than traditional vibrators and contributes to more numerous, more intense and longer orgasms.


The intelligent vibrating motor provides strong stimuli without feeling numb. This represents a technological breakthrough in achieving orgasms: the Eroscillator attachments are directly connected to the unique, axially vibrating motor and not to the main body of the device as with conventional vibrators. This creates a light and always adapted and dynamic vibration. Many women have had their first orgasm with the steady and gentle help of the eroscillator. Numerous essays bring a multitude of wonderful experiences on the journey to ecstasy.




Thanks to its ergonomic design, the easily accessible power switch and attachable attachments never get in the way of your orgasm. Hold the vibrating head against your clitoris and experience great orgasms with little or no effort. Experience the freedom to fully concentrate on your orgasm. Thanks to the numerous power settings, the optimal stimulation intensity can be easily set.
Careful thinking, incredible attention to detail and high-quality individual parts give the Eroscillator a unique and unmistakable stability. Furthermore, the Eroscillator can be completely washed off with water.




Enjoy unlimited pleasure as the Eroscillator never needs to be charged and thanks to its battery-free design it never wears off when you use it. In contrast to conventional vibrators with batteries, the eroscillator does not let up when it is most unfavorable.

The Eroscillator is recommended by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer: "The Eroscillator can really improve your sex life. In my opinion, anything that will help you achieve this goal is worth its weight in gold."

Fantastic orgasms are just a few clicks away ...


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Golden Pouch Bag Golden Pouch Bag

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Eroscillator 2 Plus Eroscillator 2 Plus

ready to ship, 1-3 working days

€189.95 *
G-Point® Attachment G-Point® Attachment

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€29.95 *
French & Orient Attachments French & Orient Attachments

ready to ship, 1-3 working days

€54.95 *
Ultra-Soft Finger Tip™ Attachment Ultra-Soft Finger Tip™ Attachment

currently not available

€39.95 *
Golden Spoon™ Attachment Golden Spoon™ Attachment

ready to ship, 1-3 working days

€29.95 *
Four Instruments Attachments Four Instruments Attachments

ready to ship, 1-3 working days

€79.95 *
Eroscillator Gold Eroscillator Gold

ready to ship, 1-3 working days

€369.95 *
Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe Eroscillator 2 Top Deluxe

ready to ship, 1-3 working days

From €229.95 *