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Demon Ikase Penis Sleeve: Continuous Cali Blame

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  • D000103
    • Penis sleeve made of soft and skin-friendly TPE material
    • can also be used with a dildo or vibrator
    • a number of different sized rings provide very special stimulation
    • Due to its nature, it makes you feel more full
    • Length: 12.5cm
    • Diameter: 3.6cm
  • "Thick Sack" is now available in the popular "Oni Ikase" series! Exclusive at Omocha... more


    "Thick Sack" is now available in the popular "Oni Ikase" series!
    Exclusive at Omocha Dreams!

    Black, a color that makes you feel "strong" and "dignified".


    The traditional DVD manufacturer KMP (produced by YUIRA), which celebrated its 15th anniversary, is also known as a manufacturer of sex toys ... The "Oni Ikase" series is really unique.

    For the "Thick Sack", a TPE material was chosen during development and manufacture that is soft to the touch and easy to carry. Use the sleeve by pulling it over your cock, as support and for additional extra stimulation. Or use it with a vibrator or dildo. Whether vaginal or anal, there are no limits to your imagination.

    The Demon Ikase penis sleeve is now available in 5 different versions. Regardless of which one you choose, you will feel a significant improvement in the shape and size and thus significantly more endurance. Due to the range of different large rings, you will have a lot of fun with this sleeve when penetrating and pulling out. Feel every single indentation for a ring and enjoy the pleasantly cool feeling of pleasure.

    This sleeve can be pulled over the penis or used with a dildo or vibrator. Due to its size, it can be used individually and flexibly.

    You will be amazed how intense everything feels, as the sleeve makes the penis / dildo / vibrator a bit longer and thicker and thus creates a more filled feeling. The "thick sack" produces a similar effect when you insert it anally.

    We recommend a water-based lubricant for use. Please do not use silicone gels as these can attack the surface of the "thick sack".
    For cleaning, please use a normal toy cleaner or a mild, pH-neutral soap and warm water. Please never wipe with thinner or alcohol.

    • Do not use as a substitute for condoms
    • Dildo not included (pictures only show an application example)



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    Our comment on "Demon Ikase Penis Sleeve: Continuous Cali Blame"
    STAFF VOICE: KMP's Demon Ikase "Thick Sack" series is simply the perfect addition to your love game and therefore an ideal partner toy. The sleeves are made of an elastic and soft material and can not only be pulled over the penis, but also over dildos or vibrators. The black color looks very classy. It feels comfortable to the touch. We recommend washing the toy with water and a mild soap before using it for the first time.