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Apriette - Vaginal muscle trainer

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  • D000064
    • skin-friendly material made of ultra-soft silicone
    • not only pampers the erogenous zone, but also specifically trains the pelvic floor muscles
    • decisively determines how quickly, often and intensely you reach the climax
    • Targeted training of orgasm ability, both duration and intensity
  • The Apriette vaginal muscle trainer - your ultimate fun and sports toy The vaginal... more

    The Apriette vaginal muscle trainer - your ultimate fun and sports toy

    The vaginal muscle trainer Apriette in charming purple is the ultimate fun and sports toy.

    The skin-friendly material consists of ultra-soft silicone. This allows the stimulating vaginal muscle trainer to be inserted easily and comfortably. Not only does it pamper your erogenous zone, it also trains your pelvic floor muscles in a targeted manner, which actually determines how quickly, often and intensely you climax. Don't leave explosive orgasms to chance anymore. With Apriette you can specifically train your orgasm ability. Both the duration and the intensity. Doesn't that sound too good to be true?

    Use: Apriette offers you two differently sized, insertable heads. First choose the right size for you. Fitting means you can enclose it perfectly with a vaginal muscle.

    Now it's time to breathe out - tense up. Inhale - relax. In order to maintain more powerful vaginal muscles, five minutes of training a day is sufficient. It ensures that your vaginal canal narrows and your muscles become stronger. This gives you a much higher ability to orgasm, as you can enclose your partner's penis even more tightly and are better stimulated.

    You will quickly notice how your vaginal sensation of pleasure increases immeasurably. And by the way, you will certainly give your partner great pleasure if you can grip harder and feel closer.

    Extra tip: We recommend starting your training with the larger head. After a while, the desired training effect occurs and your vagina will narrow. The bigger head is now too big for you and you can switch to the smaller head to continue exercising. Attention: Please only use water-based gel with Apriette and no silicone-based lubricant.

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