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Heat Rotor Purple

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  • A000200
    • stimulates the sensitive areas of women
    • stimulates blood circulation through warmth
    • relaxed effect for abdominal problems
    • ergonomic design
    • suitable for vaginal training
  •   The world's first warm rotor, which directly stimulates the sensitive zone of... more



    The world's first warm rotor, which directly stimulates the sensitive zone of women and is perfect for those with poor blood flow to the pelvic floor muscles.

    The majority of women suffer from extreme "sensitivity to cold" caused by the area around the pelvis. If this area is warmed while taking the pelvic floor muscles into account, the blood circulation in the body can be stimulated and you can expect an improvement in abdominal problems. The Heat Rotor supports you from now on when you warm up. The world's first Rotor that can achieve a relaxing effect with vibration and heat.,

    When the heating button is pressed, the Rotor heats up to 38 ° Celsius after a short time, which is very close to human body heat. In total there are 10 different types of ultra-quiet and comfortable vibrations. Relax and enjoy the soothing warmth before you take a bath or go to bed.

    The Heat Rotor is not only waterproof, but is also supplied with a stylish hand strap for optimal handling. The safety design is based on ergonomics, so that the rotor can be safely used for vaginal training.

    Rotor size: H102mm × Φ22mm
    Bracelet size: H72mm
    Weight: 88g


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