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Eroscillator Four Instruments Attachments

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  • A000195
    • 4 special and extravagant attachments for the Eroscillator
    • Seven Pearls of the Orient® is an attachment for anal and vaginal stimulation
    • Ball and Cup™ for gentle and pleasurable stimulation of the clitoris and nipples
    • Grapes and Cockscomb™ for the stimulation of the labia and clitoris
    • French Legionnaire's Mustache® enables intense stimulation vaginally and externally
    • developed in Switzerland
    • free from phthalates and PVC
    • Eroscillator is required and is not included
  •   Oscillation instead of vibration - with a Swiss patent to ecstasy The ... more


    Oscillation instead of vibration - with a Swiss patent to ecstasy

    The Eroscillator is a multiple award-winning stimulation device for women and men that has been offered in a continuously improved version for many years. Hundreds of thousands of women and men have this very professional sex toy in regular use. Even in scientific studies on the subject of orgasm research, the device leaves all competitors behind and is the first choice.

    The Eroscilliator is not a vibrator because it does not vibrate, but oscillates. Due to its nature, a vibration is perceived by the human body to be much more pleasant than a vibration. In contrast to a conventional vibrator, the Eroscillator has a patented technology that makes it possible to generate precise, even vibrations. The result is a very calm, extremely quiet (45 dB) and even oscillation that can produce such a pure and long-lasting orgasm that you have probably never experienced before. Multiple orgasms are of course possible. The device was developed and designed in Switzerland.

    We have selected four different attachments for this exciting set. All four fit all models of the Eroscillator. The attachments are made of a pleasantly soft material and therefore more flexible to convey a more intense feeling. In order to give the user even more pleasure, a new, biologically compatible, flexible and sliding material was used for the coating of all heads.

    The following attachments are included in this set:


    Left to right:

    1) Seven Pearls of the Orient®:
    Specially developed for vaginal and anal stimulation and penetration.

    2) Ball and Cup™:
    Suitable for gentle and pleasurable stimulation of the clitoris and nipples.

    3) Grapes and Cockscomb™:
    Fitted with a row of soft mini balls on one side and a curved back on the other. It therefore offers extremely intense stimulation of the labia and clitoris.

    4) French Legionnaire's Mustache®:
    The next ultimate and nifty invention that you can use both inside and outside of your vagina. Worldwide unique and lustful head that works with mechanical movements and sound movements of 3.5 m / s behind the tip of the extra-fine bristles.

    You need the Eroscillator to use it. This is not included in the scope of delivery.

    Material: thermoplastic resistomer and nylon threads.




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