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Fairy Spread Orga Triple Attachment

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  • D000066
    • exclusive attachment for the Fairy vibrator
    • suitable for vibrators with a head diameter of 45mm
    • provides an additional and intense feeling of pleasure
    • unique vaginal stimulation
    • additional optional anal and clitoral stimulation
  • The Spread Orga Triple Attachment takes your Fairy to a whole new level of ecstasy... more


    The Spread Orga Triple Attachment takes your Fairy to a whole new level of ecstasy


    Exclusive attachment for your Fairy Vibrator in an unprecedented design. The ultimate orgasmic experience on a whole new level! Experience it and let yourself be captivated... The Orga Triple Attachment is the perfect addition to your Fairy Vibrator. Simply put on the Fairy's head, the attachment is ready for use in just a few seconds.

    This special attachment offers you an interesting pleasure and provides intense stimuli. Due to its unusual shape, it offers you perfect stimulation. The three wings ensure intensive vaginal stimulation because they press against the inner vaginal walls. The Fairy's vibration is transferred to the attachment and thus to the three wings. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable intensity, you can feel intense vibrations inside the vagina and on the inside walls of the vagina. The lower part of the attachment also offers you additional pleasure. The pronounced shape and the gentle curvature also stimulate the clitoris, the perineum and the anal entrance. A completely new and unique feeling. Let yourself go, close your eyes and enjoy the endless power and pleasurable moments of the Spread Orge Triple Attachment.

    *Please be sure to close the tip when inserting it vaginally!

    This attachment is suitable for all Fairy's and all other wand massagers with a head diameter of 45mm. A detailed overview of all suitable models can be found below, under the item description. There are also Wand Vibrators from other brands that fit the attachments.

    In our Fairy brand overview you will find many more great and exclusive attachments for indescribable moments of pleasure. Rediscover your Fairy Vibrator!



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