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Fairy Mini

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  • A000147
    • the original Fairy Mini vibrator from Japan
    • sophisticated product of high quality
    • universal massage toy thanks to the flexible head
    • with analogue wheel for stepless adjustment of the intensity
    • is operated via a normal household socket (240V / EU-Version)
    • Total length 25 cm, head diameter 4.5 cm
    • approx. 8.000 revolutions per minute
  • The Fairy -Mini- is already a legend!   Due to its power and handy size, the... more


    The Fairy -Mini- is already a legend!


    Due to its power and handy size, the Fairy -Mini- has become one of the most popular mains vibrators of all time. Actually intended as a back massage device, it has made its way to the masturbation vibrators. The vibrator head is flexible and can be moved in all directions. It is equipped with an analogue wheel that allows flexible selection of the vibration intensity. The Fairy -Mini- vibrator reaches a maximum of 8.000 revolutions per minute.

    With its light weight of only 250g, the Fairy -Mini- is easy to hold and does not burden it. Another advantage of the Fairy -Mini- is its size. It is about half the size (volume/weight ratio) of the Fairy Original.

    The Fairy is operated electrically and can be connected directly to a normal household socket. There is no need to buy or charge batteries. Thus, the Fairy Mini Massager is always ready for use.

    There are a variety of different attachments for men and women! An already iconic vibrator that is unparalleled. Customers report orgasmic waves and incredibly intense experiences. Convince yourself of what is probably the best vibrator in the world!

    The scope of delivery also includes a practical bag for storage and for on the go and when travelling.

    Total length: 25cm
    Head diameter: 4.5cm
    Can be used with household power supply (240V).
    Power Consumption 12W
    Maximum speed approx. 8,000 rpm

    Also note the special attachments for the Fairy -Mini-!


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