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Rends Cyclone Duo

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  • F000763
    • world's first masturbator with dual rotation mechanism
    • Innercup is divided into two and rotates in opposite directions
    • is based on the same high-quality technology from VORZE
    • Sleeves are made of flexible and comfortable TPR material
    • full power even at low speeds
    • use only with water-based lubricant
    • Designed by Rends JAPAN
  • Experience the incredible double rotation with the proven technology from VORZE and the... more


    Experience the incredible double rotation with the proven technology from VORZE and the design from Rends

    The Cyclone Duo from Rends in Japan is an electric masturbator equipped with the world's first dual rotation mechanism. The inner cup, which is divided into two parts, rotates forwards and backwards at the same time. The two sleeves inside rotate in opposite directions at the same time, creating an incredibly intense feeling on your penis.

    The sleeves are made of a flexible and comfortable TPR material that is easy to put on and take off. The soft feel harmonises with the inner structure and creates a pleasant and cozy feeling with every movement and rotation. It reduces the "habituation to stimulation" common with electric masturbators and responds appropriately to pleasure changes that you subconsciously desire. In addition to the 6 stimulation patterns, there is a "Hi mode" that maximizes performance to the highest level.

    In addition, the Cyclone Duo focuses on low-rpm torque. Powerful spinning without stopping, even when you're on the slowest setting. In addition to the low operating noise, the Cyclone Duo also has an LED that displays the selected stimulation type and the remaining battery power, so you can always keep track of it.

    Rends is considered a pioneer in electric masturbators with a rotary mechanism and is proud to introduce to the world a dual rotary type masturbator. It all started back then with the “A10 Cyclone”, which is still very popular today.

    The Cyclone Duo comes with a practical front cap (image 4). It prevents dirt from getting inside during storage. To charge, connect the included USB cable to the bottom of the main unit. Fully charging the built-in battery takes about 2.5 hours. The mileage in continuous operation is about 120 minutes.

    The packaging design is originally created by RENDS.

    Inserting and removing the sleeve:

    1. Remove the front cap (image 4). Unlock the Inner Sleeve by twisting it counterclockwise and pulling it out. (Picture 5) The front ring parts can be rotated and removed. You'll see a kind of gear on the ring that fits with the other gear inside, so the ring always turns in the opposite direction.

    2. The inner sleeve is divided into two. (pic 6) Pull out the back of the inner cup to remove it. When installing, push it back in the same way.

    3. (Image 10) Overview of the LED panel with the various buttons. Top left - ON/OFF button. Bottom left - switching stimulation patterns. Right - Hi mode. Highest level with just one touch.

    4. Charge the battery using the supplied cable and the plug on the bottom of the Cyclone (Image 11).


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