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VORZE A10 Cyclone SA +PLUS

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  • F000468
    • Successor to the famous VORZE Cyclone SA
    • improved design, brilliant color and high-end engine
    • almost noiseless operation
    • Compatible via Bluetooth with the Skyworth-4D S801 VR headset
    • Synchronization with videos via PC or smartphone
    • App can be downloaded from the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore
  •           Fulfilling accessories that... more









    Fulfilling accessories
    that make your experience even better

    There are currently 15 different types of exclusive sleeves for A10 Cyclone SA + Plus, the textures of which differ from one another, e.g. B. knobbed, twisted, wavy, double hole, etc.
    The exclusive, long-lasting lubricant "Peaces Lotion" has the best viscosity balance.
    The elegant bottle makes pouring into the sleeve easier.

    For hands-free masturbation, we recommend our Stand Basic from Rends. This enables the masturbator to be stably attached to a variety of surfaces.




    QIt arrived but it won’t turn on.
    AFor first time use make sure that is properly charged.

    QCan I use it while charging?
    AIt is possible but please avoid it as much as possible as it can lead to it breaking.

    QHow should I maintain?
    AA10 Cyclone SA is not waterproof. Avoid washing and wipe it with a dry cloth instead.

    QI can't control the main unit.
    AThe wireless adapter might be set to wireless mode (the lamp lights up in blue). Press the switch button for a few seconds to turn off then turn it on again.

    QThe connection to my computer disconnected.
    AMake sure there is nothing blocking between the wireless adapter and the main unit. The best distance is up to 1 meter.

    QCan I use it abroad?
    AThe charging USB adapter is up to 100-240V. You can charge it to use a conversion plug through any computers or outlet.
    *When charging from outlet, make sure the voltage is within the range 100-240V, otherwise transformer is required.

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