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R-1 Bach Rotor

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  • A000177
    • incredibly powerful vibro bullet
    • thanks to the turbo function up to 20,000rpm
    • about 50 different functional models in connection with the R-1 controller
    • Weight: only 52 grams light
    • Dimensions: length: 5.8 cm, diameter: 2.4-2.7 cm, cable length: 90 cm
    • can only be used in conjunction with the R-1 Starter Set (sold separately)
  •   Incredibly powerful vibrating egg from Rends In Japan, they are always working... more



    Incredibly powerful vibrating egg from Rends

    In Japan, they are always working on new R-1 sex toys for men and women. Each R-1 sex toy fascinates in its own way. This Bach Rotor is the ultimate vibro bullet from Rends. With a high-speed rotation of around 20,000 rpm and an original vibrating body created through various analyzes with an optimal "weight-to-motor ratio", you can feel enormously strong vibrations that are almost twice as intense as conventional products. In addition, about 50 kinds of vibration patterns are possible by controlling the R-1 controller. The strength of the individual movements can be adjusted by the user according to the level of stimulation.

    The tip of the Bach Rotor has a shape that fits the clitoris exactly. Placed on the clitoris, the tip gently encloses the clitoris and you can enjoy a wide range of different stimulation. The development of the Bach Rotor fundamentally changed the conventional concept of vibro bullets.

    *The R-1 Starter Set (sold separately) is required to use the Bach rotor.

    Total length: 5.8 cm
    Diameter: 2.4-2.7cm
    Cable length: 90 cm

    Tip: In order to reduce the strong vibration in the hand during use, it is sufficient to touch the Bach Rotor by the plug part (see image 4).

    Because of the Bach Rotor's unique technology, we can claim that it is the most powerful battery-powered vibrating egg on the market.

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