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R-1 Starter Set

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  • A000155
    • The starter set includes the R-1 control unit and the R-1 Bach rotor
    • The control unit offers 7 modes, 7 speed levels and a turbo function
    • Can be connected to various R-1 sex toys sold separately
    • Batteries included
  • The R-1 is probably the most advanced and sophisticated sex toy in the world at the... more


    The R-1 is probably the most advanced and sophisticated sex toy in the world at the moment. It was developed by electrical engineers who once worked for a large and well-known Japanese electrical company.

    The special thing about the R-1 is the underlying principle: An intuitive control device with which many different sex toys can be operated. The connection is very easy: all toys are connected to the R-1 control unit via a mini USB cable. Although the R-1 is battery operated (3 x 1.5V AA Mignon, alkaline or oxide batteries), it has incredible power. This is due to the sophisticated Japanese technology, which also ensures a long service life and mileage.

    In Japan they are always working on new R-1 sex toys for men and women. Each R-1 sex toy is fascinating in its own way.

    With the R-1 control unit, you can choose between the vibration intensity and up to 7 different modes, which vary depending on the toy connected. For example, different vibration impulses, running directions and many other individual functions can be selected. In total there are 50 modes per sex toy!

    Here you get the R-1 Starter Set with the R-1 control unit and the Bach Rotor Vibro Egg which is equipped with 7 different vibration impulses. At the front of the Bach rotor there is a small opening that perfectly wraps the clitoris. You will never have experienced direct clitoral masturbation. Due to the unique technology of the Bach rotor, we can say that it is the most powerful battery-operated vibrating egg on the market.

    The R-1 control unit is 115mm long, 50mm wide and 18mm high. With batteries it weighs just 90 grams. 3 x 1.5V AA Mignon alkaline batteries are included in the delivery.

    As is easy to see, there is a lot of potential in this small but very innovative device. Are you ready for the future of masturbation?

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