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Tomax Pillow Hugger

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  • S000111
    • inflatable pillow for masturbators and onaholes
    • usable for pillows, blankets or torsos
    • Belt length expandable up to 85cm
    • suitable for masturbators with a diameter of up to 85mm and a length of 180mm
    • including dirt protection film
    • belt can be easily removed with a snap fastener
    • also suitable for electric toys because of the optimal grip
    • quick and easy to use
    • discover a completely new form of masturbation
  • Discover the new extra tool for your masturbator Take your onahole to a new level and... more

    Discover the new extra tool for your masturbator

    Take your onahole to a new level and enjoy unimagined new possibilities. Equipped with a belt, the Pillow Hugger can be attached in different places. Whether blanket, pillow, torso or other surfaces.

    The beautiful drawing on the packaging was created by the Japanese Manga artist Yamato. She debuted in 1966 with the short story Dorobō Tenshi. The illustration shows a pretty girl that matches the image of the pillow.

    The idea behind the Pillow Hugger was to be able to enjoy the masturbator while lying or crouching hands-free and without getting it dirty. After a prototype of the Pillow Hugger was made, it was found that thanks to the belt, it could not only be used for pillows, but could be used in a variety of ways. Anything that can be wrapped with a belt can be used.

    The inner diameter of the masturbator pocket is 85mm and 180mm in length, making it large enough for a variety of masturbators. Whether the "Meiki no Shoumei" series, the "Venus" series or a variety of other series that we have here in the shop can be used with the Pillow Hugger. In addition, even the "A10 Cyclone" or the "Fairy Vibrator" can be introduced, so you can enjoy electric toys hands-free yourself.

    Attach the item you want to use, inflate the air and place the Pillow Hugger where you want. Due to the stable underside, handling is very easy. There is also a kind of dirt trap connected to the underside. Simply place the Pillow Hugger on the bed sheet and pull the dirt flap forward like a bib. This prevents various stains from dripping onto the bed.

    The inside of the masturbator pocket is "glued" to the masturbator after use. Wipe it lightly with a damp cloth and only then remove the air before storing it.

    A completely new genre of masturbation that has never existed before. Not only onaholes can be used. As you can see in the pictures, different toys can be installed and additionally played with in different places. It's an epoch-making goodie that greatly expands the gaming possibilities depending on the stake.

    *The toys shown in the pictures are not included in the scope of delivery. They are for practical illustration only.

    Dimensions of the mud flap foil. It protects the surface from stains.



    When you don't need the straps, just fold them down to make it look neater.
    All straps can be removed leaving the buckle.



    Thanks to the snap fastener, the buckle is easy to remove. The length of the belt can be adjusted. Maximum circumference 84 cm.
    If you need additional belts, you can easily put them together.

    Small overview of the toys to be used.


    The possibilities are endless, it's even possible for your partner to wear the Pillow Hugger.

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