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Insert Air Pillow Cover #286 Slutty Succubus

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  • S000114
    • Anime character of a Japanese seductive demon
    • the illustration comes from the artist Inuyama from Japan
    • Pillow cover suitable for the Insert Air Pillow from Tama Toys
    • printed on both sides
    • with onahole / masturbator slot
    • Dimensions: 540x340mm
  • Anime Slutty Succubus Pillow Cover for the Insert Air Pillow by Tama Toys The... more


    Anime Slutty Succubus Pillow Cover for the Insert Air Pillow by Tama Toys

    The Insert Air Pillow Cover #286 with the devilishly dirty Slutty Succubus character as a print for your Dakimakura love pillow. A Succubus is a particularly beautiful and lustful female demon who seeks out a man to seduce and have sexual intercourse with.

    She has a slim, snuggly body that is accentuated by her pointy ears and tongue, as well as her alluring red eyes. Her tail above her tight bottom and her long black hair with a bow make her body absolutely perfect. Her sweet body is shown to its best advantage by the black and white striped stockings.

    The print shows the cute demon on the front, holding her legs up and just waiting for you with her bare breasts.

    On the back, the print shows the demon kneeling in front of you, stretching her ass out for you, just waiting for you to grab and slide into her.

    The illustration on the cover is by Japanese artist Nanami Inuyama.

    This pillowcase, printed on both sides, is for the Tama Toys Insert Air Pillow Dakimakura, which is available as an option.

    Dimensions: 540mm x 340mm
    with onahole / masturbator slot

    What is a Dakimakura love pillow?

    A Dakimakura is a so-called hug pillow from Japan. Despite their different shapes, they serve less as pillows and more as cushions to be clutched while sleeping. They are provided with a printed cover, which usually depicts a female anime character. In the meantime, however, male anime characters are also appearing more and more often. There are different types of imprints, ranging from revealing motifs to complete nudity. It is available printed on one or both sides.

    The cushions generally have a very strong connection to the otaku culture (comes from the Japanese and describes fans who invest a lot of time in their passion, also called geeks or nerds in this country). The female cushion motifs are referred to as waifu (female character with whom one has a special relationship or fan love). The male motifs are called Husbando (the counterpart of Waifu).


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