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G-Project Niku-Man 2200

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  • F000631
    • A super cool and large 2-hole onahole with a weight of over 2kg
    • extremely soft and fluffy vaginal canal
    • harder and therefore more intense anal canal
    • Vagina gently stimulates with soft nubs, while anal is extremely tight and ribbed
    • including lubricant and cleaning brush
  • This masturbator is just super thick and super big !!! A two-hole onahole.... more


    This masturbator is just super thick and super big !!!

    A two-hole onahole.

    Here are the facts:
    ✓ A super cool and large 2-hole onahole with a weight of over 2kg
    ✓ The vaginal tunnel is extremely fluffy, the anal tunnel is used for something offended and certain more intense stimulation. Really a personal fading feeling through the 2 degrees of hardness when you penetrate with our penis.
    ✓ The vagina is gently stimulated by soft nubs; the overall anal is extremely tight and ribbed

    <Note of manufacturer>
    Awesome 2,200g! Ultra-realistic intimate structure thanks to a unique material composition!
    [Punipuni is Japanese for high elasticity] × [Fluffy SOFT] Two materials are combined to hear vaginal and anal sensations!
    Niku-Man can be used in different ways, regardless of whether the masturbator lies on a surface or is in the hand.

    The vaginal tunnel has evolved into a super vacuum structure! The anal tunnel has a super tight channel with an intense feel.
    The materials used in the manufacture of material are skin-friendly and absolutely harmless.


    Type: 2 holes
    Color: skin color
    Material: soft ■■■■ □□ hard
    Inner structure: knobs and ribs

    ▼ Sweet package from Mr. Sumeragi Amber, thick and large onahole NIKU-MAN
    → An absolute glamorous body

    NIKU-MAN NIKUMAN 2200, with its weight of over 2kg, is the successor to NIKU-MAN, a soft onahole that stimulates the penis extremely hot thanks to its special material and nubs. The new NIKUMAN 2200 has 2 holes compared to its predecessor to allow an even more intense feeling when penetrating.

    The main feature of the masturbator is that it is made of two materials with different hardnesses. Compared to the soft touch on the vaginal side, the anal side is pretty tight and hard. You can feel the difference in penetration most intensely at the entrance. The shape is still extremely stable, regardless of whether it is lying down or held in the hand. You can apply additional pressure with your hands. The deeper you penetrate, the more the feeling intensifies.

    Simply use warm water to clean it. Every now and then you simply powder your toy with a little cornstarch to prevent it from sticking. After use, it can be stored hygienically by putting the masturbator back in the blister housing to prevent oil transfer.


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