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Refreshing Shower Wipe

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  • S000091
    • Cleaning and care wipes for the intimate area
    • pleasant and sensual fragrance
    • perfect companion for on the go and when traveling
    • very economical - 1 cloth is enough for cleaning
    • Dimensions: 16cm x 20cm I content: 10 pieces
    • High quality made in Japan
  • Discover our cleaning and care wipe with a pleasant scent from Rends made in Japan.... more


    Discover our cleaning and care wipe with a pleasant scent from Rends made in Japan.

    We introduce - Rends has brought pleasantly scented and refreshing cleaning and care wipes for the intimate area onto the market. The sophisticated fragrance, which was adapted to the image of the LANVIN perfume, is slightly fluffy and sweet. While it stimulates the sensuality of both lovers when used, it reliably removes sweat and unpleasant odors from sensitive parts of the body.

    The 100% natural 3-layer mesh sheet is hard-wearing and soft to the touch. The moderate thickness and size clean the genital area and around the pubic hair with just one sheet.

    In terms of ingredients, this product contains a total of eight different types of skin-friendly herbal ingredients, including persimmon astringent extract and peach leaf extract, which are often used in deodorants, as well as skin-friendly chamomile flower extract and St. John's wort flower extract. In addition, these wipes are alcohol-free and gentle on the skin. 

    Stored in your pocket or in the car, you are always prepared for sudden date invitations or intimate surprises. Due to the light erotic scent and the soft texture of the surface on the skin, these wipes are much more pleasant to use than conventional wet wipes. Of course, these wipes can be used for cleaning and as a deodorant before sex, but also to wipe away sweat, semen, lubricant, etc. after the act.

    The handy packaging makes these wipes your perfect companion for on the go.

    Contents: 10 wipes are included in each package.
    Size: 16 x 20cm sheets can be used in many ways


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