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Adult Manga Crimson: Investigator Kyoka Suzumine

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  • F000613
    • Masturbator for the 20th anniversary of the adult manga artist Crimson
    • 2-layer onahole with 2 entrances
    • detailed replica of the mouth and vagina by Kyoka Suzumine
    • with a weight of 800gr it fits neatly in the hand
    • Including blister case with lid for safe storage
    • Lubricant gel is included
  • The Legend of the Adult Manga World [Crimson 20th Anniversary Collaboration] ! On the... more

    The Legend of the Adult Manga World [Crimson 20th Anniversary Collaboration]!

    On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the adult manga artist Crimson and the Japanese sex toy manufacturer YUIRA brought three new masturbators onto the market, which are based on legendary comic scenes from his series.

    The famous scenes of the series have been faithfully reproduced in the 3 different Onahoru!

    We have faithfully reproduced the famous scenes in all three types of different Onahoru!
    A number of popular heroines from all three works!
    With a newly written trading card !!!

    Anti-Chikan officer Kyoka Double Hole Onahole was inspired by a formidable woman: her name is Kyoka Suzumine, a well-respected officer in the Anti-Chikan Police Department. She has dedicated her life to protecting women from the unwanted attention of molesters on crowded Japanese trains. The onahole leads you to one of her examinations, in which she slowly finds her true calling.

    With two pairs of lips you can enter either her mouth or her charming vagina to receive the services of a cold woman who gradually discovers her own sexuality while indulging in the pleasure of the body.

    "A woman with frigidity that I never felt was attacked by the pleasure that had been accumulating for 10 years ..."

    Based on erotic doujinshi "Chikan Otori Sousakan Kyouka"


    This onahole is made of a 2-layer material and a mouth and vagina replica of the actress from the famous Manga series. With a weight of 800g it fits neatly in the hand. Due to the non-penetrating tunnel, a so-called vacuum effect is created, which also provides even more stimulation.

    Lubricant is included.
    Dimensions: 210mm x 90mm x 90mm

    Crimson_1     Crimson_2

    Crimson_3     Crimson_4

    Crimson_5     Crimson_6

    Crimson_7     Crimson_8

    Crimson_9     Crimson_10


    Image source: https://userweb.alles.or.jp/uir/index1.htm

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