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Sukimono Dandy Japanese Male Body

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  • G000113
    • Sex torso for men and women
    • with an erect penis and a male body
    • large glans without foreskin for even more feeling and stimulation
    • also contains an anal love tunnel
    • flat stomach and firm bottom
    • can also be used lying down
  • Large penis torso with a firm ass, nice stomach and bulging testicles This torso is called... more

    Large penis torso with a firm ass, nice stomach and bulging testicles

    This torso is called "Sukimono Dandy" and is a realistic replica of the hips and pelvis of a Japanese man with a large penis. By the way, "Sukimono" is Japanese and means something like lover. This faithfully reproduced torso has a flat stomach with visible abdominal muscles and a shapely, firm butt with firm ass cheeks for clawing and slapping.

    The big cock stands forward at the perfect angle and is always ready for hot games. He grabs all your attention and is just waiting to play with you. Give him the love he deserves. Stroke it, feel the veins and the bulging glans and enjoy a completely fulfilling experience when you sit on it and let the bulging penis slide into you.

    We recommend using a sufficient amount of lubricant for use and for an even more realistic feeling. Please only use water-based lubricants, such as our Peace's Lotion.

    If you'd rather take "Dandy" anal, just lay the torso flat and go for a wild ride. Because "Sukimono Dandy" not only has a penis, but also an anal love tunnel that needs to be explored. So you see, this torso can be used universally.

    Women who are looking for a long, thick cock will be pampered by the finest. But there are also plenty of reasons for men not to miss out on this fun. For example, how about enjoying a “threesome” with a partner. Simply bring the "Dandy" into the bedroom and watch him or her work on the Dandy while you do other things. There are no limits to your imagination with this Sukimono torso.

    Dimensions: 35x30x22cm (13.8x11.8x8.7 inches)

    Before using the first time

    After opening, please wash the product once with water before using it for the first time. With regular use and regular washing, we recommend using Onahole Powder to avoid sticking of the material.

    For washing, we recommend using a mild and pH-neutral soap. If dirt is left inside, it can lead to mold and germs. Rinse the onahole with water and preferably use a Cleaning Brush to remove any residue. Please try not to turn the onahole inside out to wash it!

    To heat this product, use hot water of 50 degrees or less and heat without turning inside out. For optimal warming, we therefore recommend the Hole Warmer from Rends. This heats the onaholes to 37 degrees in just 10 minutes.

    Use of lube
    Please only use water-based lubricant. For example, we recommend the Peace's Lotion. Most gels are water-based, but some are oil-based or silicone-based. Using such an oil-based lotion can cause deterioration or damage to the masturbator.

    Storage information
    Ultraviolet rays cause elastomer (material name of Onahoru) to deteriorate. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight when storing and store the toy in a cool and dark place.

    About the life of Onahoru
    With regular use, the surface inside the masturbator will gradually wear down. This gives the surface a moderately rough texture and evokes complex stimuli. Your toy isn't broken because of that. You can use it many more times without any problems and experience unexpected orgasms.

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