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Squishy Sisters

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  • F000522
    • one of the first 3-hole masturbators in the world
    • experience your own and very personal GangBang
    • the two sisters are just waiting for you and your cock
    • Very intense and realistic feeling
    • the love tunnels are structured very differently
    • High quality from Rends
    • Made in Japan
  • The best 3-hole premium masturbator from Rends is a masterpiece weighing a whopping 4.3kg... more


    The best 3-hole premium masturbator from Rends is a masterpiece weighing a whopping 4.3kg

    Ever dreamed of having a nice threesome with two sexy sisters? Here it is, the first three-hole triple masturbator that RENDS proudly presents. With a meaty thick realistic body and a double structure as well as three holes, the ultimate gangbang experience is waiting for you. Enjoy sensual stimulation like never before with an almost realistic feeling.

    Impressive 4.3kg - that's how heavy Squishy Sisters is. Also the pressure and the tightness of the material and the holes are just perfect, and of course the two different sisters have two completely different inner structures to explore and enjoy. Who do you choose tonight? The older sister, the younger one, or maybe both?

    The hole in the upper sister is a little wider and has a beautiful replica of the cervix at the end. As soon as you penetrate your penis a feeling like a suction will develop that builds up into an amazing orgasm. The upper sister is also recommended if you want to play longer because it doesn't fit the tail as tightly and just feels heavenly.

    The smaller or younger sister lying below is very tight and has different ribs and textures on the inside, which create amazing friction and extreme stimulation when penetrating. The question that arises in the end is how long can you hold out without coming?

    The hole between the two sisters has no structure like the love tunnels of the two sisters themselves, but still provides a nice and tight stimulation. How about trying this out too? To make the experience even better, we recommend using a sufficient amount of lube. Please only use water-based lubricants, such as Peace's Lotion or Velvet Lotion.

    A revolutionary masturbator with three possibilities of stimulation and play - Squishy Sisters - you should definitely not miss!

    By the way: The packaging was drawn by Japan's famous designer "Mr. Henreader" and is a feast for the eyes in itself.



    Here you can find another brilliant drawing by "Mr. Henreader"


    Image source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Loli_IRL/comments/ltrrjw/henreader_is_god/

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