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UV-C Masturbator Warmer

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  • S000110
    • innovative 2in1 tool
    • heats your masturbator to 40°C in just 5 minutes (approx. 10 minutes for larger toys)
    • can be used with a stand or cordless (rechargeable)
    • built-in micro temperature sensor keeps this temperature constant regardless of the season
    • ultra strong UV-C, sterilization of your masturbators
    • protects the masturbator from the danger of germs and viruses
    • works even with complex internal structures
    • non-contact and non-chemical, easy to use and clean
    • length: 170mm
  • Disinfect and heat at the same time with just one device   Enjoy a clean... more


    Disinfect and heat at the same time with just one device


    Enjoy a clean masturbator that is pleasantly warmed up to 40°C thanks to super strong UV-C disinfection with this cordless "magic wand". It is rechargeable so you can take it with you anywhere. Thanks to the built-in temperature sensor, the Warmer automatically keeps the temperature constant as soon as the "body temperature" is reached. Launching this product was a unique idea from DNA JAPAN, who among other things make large torsos and life-size dolls.

    Vaginal temperature of 40°C in just 5 minutes!

    Experience your favorite masturbator more realistically and comfortably than ever.
    It warms up the toy in about 5 minutes after switching it on and reaches the "famous temperature" of 40 degrees in 10 minutes, even in winter.
    A built-in micro temperature sensor keeps this temperature constant regardless of the season. So you don't have to worry about the onahole being damaged by overheating.
    The "warmth" during insertion increases the pleasure many times over. You will feel it particularly intensely if you use it in the cold season.

    UV-C sterilizes the inside of the masturbator!

    Strong ultraviolet rays "UV-C" are emitted from the tip of the stick, and sterilization is carried out in a short time. This protects the masturbator from the dangers of germs and viruses.
    The more complicated the inner structure of the tunnel, the more difficult it is to take care of the innermost part. But with this tool it is no longer a problem.

    Thanks to the base, it is also perfect for smaller masturbators.

    The base, which can also be used as an adapter for charging, is so stable that it can even support a medium-sized onahole. The freshly washed masturbator can be placed directly on it without having to put it anywhere.
    Thanks to the thin tip, the heating rod is easy to insert. Length 170mm
    The slightly thicker end ensures that the heat inside cannot escape and you have a pleasant, even feeling when penetrating.

    Characteristics of UV-C LEDs:

    ・UV-C is a strong ultraviolet light with a wavelength of less than 280nm, which is still safe to use.
    ・Can be used for bacteria resistant to alcohol and detergent.
    ・Because it is not a drug, it does not generate resistant bacteria.
    ・Non-contact and non-chemical, easy to use and clean.
    ・Because it does not use mercury, it lights up instantly. It is environmentally friendly and gentle on materials.
    ・Since it does not generate radiation, it can be used in a closed environment.

    This product is not fully waterproof. Please allow the items to be disinfected to dry before inserting the wand. In particular, please ensure that no water gets onto the switch part.
    Don't try to look directly at the UV light.
    Heating during the charging process is not possible.
    It is the stick's surface temperature that is maintained at 40 degrees. The temperature of the contact surface of the onahole changes depending on the nature of the material. In addition, the temperature rise speed and duration may vary depending on the usage environment.

    Size: H170 x thickness 15-22mm
    approximate weight 45g

    Size: H30 x W70 x D70 mm, hole diameter: 23 mm
    USB Cable: 750mm
    Total weight: about 130g


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    Customer evaluation for "UV-C Masturbator Warmer"
    26 Mar 2023


    Nicht wirklich brauchbar, ehrlich gesagt eine totale Fehlkonstruktion.. Heizt nur im Akkubetrieb, eine Akkuladung heizt nur ein einziges mal. Heizleistung ist sehr schwach. Nach jedem Aufheizen muss man den Akku aufladen. Heizen während dem Ladevorgang ist nicht möglich. Aufladen dauert 5-15 Minuten. Ich hätte lieber einen Stab mit Netzbetrieb kaufen sollen.

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