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FOXY HOLE Plus Rika Aimi

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  • F000702
    • Detailed replica based on the Japanese AV star Rika Aimi
    • Official YOUVENUS certificate
    • Including an integrated autograph
    • Dimensions: 127 x 68 mm
    • Contains a small Sachez water-based lubricant gel
    • Dual-layer masturbator without a vent hole for a better suction effect
  • At Omocha Dreams, we are always looking for new and emerging manufacturers. With ... more


    At Omocha Dreams, we are always looking for new and emerging manufacturers. With YOUVENUS, a new label from the Japanese premium manufacturer YUIRA, we have not only discovered a new series, but a brand that attaches great importance to quality. Among other things, we have chosen the series "FOXY HOLE", which, like the "The Legend Of Princess" series, has convinced us very much from the start.


    Since the Foxy Hole series was very successful from the start, YOUVENUS decided to bring another series of clone onaholes onto the market. The "FOXY HOLE PLUS" series. The "Plus" in this series stands for the even better use of materials, textures and shapes, so that your best piece feels like a real VIP every time it penetrates.
    Compared to the Foxy Hole series, the Foxy Hole Plus series are so-called dual-layer masturbators. The internal structure consists of a soft and soft material. The outer structure, on the other hand, offers sufficient stability and grip and at the same time consists of a "velvety skin layer".

    The Foxy Hole Plus Rika Aimi comes from the next level of the masturbator manufacturer YUIRA. The combination of realistically recreated labia and great materials makes you feel like you are having sex with a real Japanese porn star, straight to your home. The velvety, skin-like material on the outside of the onahole ensures a comfortable grip and gives you extra stimulation depending on how much pressure you exert with your hands. The soft and small nubs, paired with slight curves inside, give your hard cock a special kind of VIP treatment. The vacuum feeling inside makes her "pussy" tighter and tighter with every thrust - Enjoy the orgasm and give your idol a creampie.

    So that you can start playing right away, a small amount of water-based lubricant from YOUVENUS is included in the scope of delivery. 


    The cute Rika Aimi was born on December 30th, 1999 in the Japanese prefecture of Gifu. She is just 145cm tall and with the dimensions 79-53-78 she is built absolutely gracefully. With her beautiful brown eyes, the breathtaking look and the long hair, she is an absolute dream. She started her career in the Japanese porn industry in 2019 and has played in around 230 films to date.

    For all the fans among you, we have linked your official Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/aimi__rika 

    Simply use warm water and a Cleaning Brush to clean it. Every now and then, to prevent sticking, you simply powder your toy with some OnaClean Powder. After use, it can be stored hygienically by putting the masturbator back in the blister housing to prevent oil transfer. Please do not turn the masturbator inside out when cleaning! Please only use water-based lubricant.





    Picture source: http://warashi-asian-pornstars.fr/en/s-2-0/rika-aimi/asian-female-pornstar/3700

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