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Kawaii Shokkaku

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  • B000074
    • Super quiet mini vibrator made of silicone
    • waterproof for use in the shower or bathtub
    • 8 vibration modes provide variety
    • battery operated, including docking station
  •       A high-tech mini sex toy that offers more than you might... more




    A high-tech mini sex toy that offers more than you might think at first glance:

    High quality materials
    For the production of our intimate stimulators, we only use materials that are guaranteed not to contain any harmful substances. All soft parts are made of real silicone with a silky-soft surface, all solid parts are made of white ABS with a noble mother-of-pearl look.

    Innovative design
    It was particularly important to us that the kawaii stimulators appear as if they were made from one piece. The transitions between silicone and ABS appear fluid.

    Intuitive controls
    All kawaii stimulators are equipped with a so-called innovative control chip. This ensures variety in the game. Depending on the model, the chip offers either preprogrammed motion sequences or vibration modes.

    Your new friend is one hundred percent waterproof. This means that it can be used completely in the shower without compromise. Even under water, for example in the bathtub or in the whirlpool, it will certainly not let you down. Please do not take it on a dive anyway. Otherwise it could be damaged from a water depth of 2 meters.

    Super quiet engine
    The kawaii stimulators are driven by a motor that produces very little of its own noise. Note, however, that some models generate a little more background noise in air mode due to the presence of flywheels. However, these are reduced as soon as the stimulator is put on. Rotary kawaii stimulators are a bit louder. Be sure, however, that we have reduced the background noise to the technically feasible minimum.

    Although your new toy is waterproof, we have found a way to integrate a connector for a charging plug. The plug connection is located behind a membrane made of elastomer which, under the circumstances described above, does not allow any liquid into the interior during normal use. However, it is flexible enough to allow the charging plug to pass through when applying slight pressure.



    Shokkaku is a mini vibrator with two large feelers. It offers 8 vibration modes:

    - continuous, gentle
    - continuous, medium
    - continuous, strong
    - short, then long impulse, continuous, strong
    - ascending, gentle to strong in 5 steps
    - many short impulses ascending, then two longer ones, medium to strong; then many short impulses, strong
    - Continuous medium, strong impulse, then continuous, medium, gentle impulse
    - continuous long, strong impulse, then continuous, long, gentle impulse



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