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Maga Kore Minami's Huge Breasts

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  • F000712
    • huge breasts weighing an unbelievable 9kg (K-Cup)
    • pleasantly soft and gentle material
    • very realistic with great attention to detail
    • an absolute masterpiece
    • Illustration drawn by a Japanese manga artist
    • including onahole with a weight of 290g
    • including 120ml special lotion in a practical pump bottle
  • Discover and experience these incredible huge breasts When we saw this article... more


    Discover and experience these incredible huge breasts

    When we saw this article for the first time and held it in our hands, we couldn't believe our eyes. We just couldn't stop being amazed. What we had in front of us was just HUGE. We had never seen such big breasts before. Breast lovers and manga fans will be delighted.


    The breasts correspond to a cup size K and are made of a soft and gentle material. The material used in the production comes very close to the feeling of real skin. A soft surface and a slightly firmer inner structure make the boobs look like real breasts when touched. Super realistic erotic nipples that are neither too hard nor too soft. The huge areola is a dream come true and makes men's hearts beat faster. The nipple madness never stops! Slightly heated, so that they are almost 35 - 37 degrees Celsius, you hardly notice any difference to real breasts. The role model for these Titts is the manga character Suzuri Minami, which is extremely popular in Japan. She is 165cm tall and has the massive dimensions of 108-67-95.

    The breasts weigh an unbelievable 9kg and measure 400mm wide x 350mm deep x 180mm high.


    In addition to the breasts, there is also a beautiful onahole. This can be used alone as a masturbator or perfectly in combination with the boobs. Place the onahole on your bed, table or other surface of your choice and place the breasts on top. While you fuck the onahole with your cock, you can touch and knead the tits on top. Take your hands and caress the breasts, touch them and enjoy this pleasantly soft feeling. Take your fingers and play with the nipples and nipples. Pinch in, slide it between your thumb and forefinger and twist it a little. Warm up the breasts and put your face into them. Take your tongue and suck and nibble on them. Take your hard cock and slide it back and forth between your breasts. Watch and enjoy the titfuck until the end, watching the boobs move up and down and back and forth.

    Like many erotic manga drawings, this illustration is by none other than "Mr. Mumumu". A true icon in Japan and now well known beyond the borders, even to Europe. These boobs are an original certified product. The packaging of this masturbator was drawn with a lot of love and is an absolute masterpiece. Pure colors and a beautiful illustration adorn the outer packaging. Manga of the highest art! A must-have collector's item for fans.

    The titties not only come in a beautiful and typically Japanese packaging, they are also fixed in a blister. This blister prevents damage to the material and can therefore be stored perfectly at any time.


    For an even more realistic feel, we recommend using a sufficient amount of lube. However, please only use water-based lubricants, such as our Peace's Lotion. But you can also start playing as soon as you have received the boobs. A 120ml bottle of a special lotion is included in the packaging.

    Below is a link to the artist's Twitter account: https://twitter.com/mumu_mu6

    Onahole included. Dimensions: 140mm long x 65mm wide x 70mm high, 290g weight


    Information on handling and care

    Oil stain

    This product uses an elastomer as a material. Oil stains are inevitable, as is the case with the Onahoru.
    Please wash the product with a mild hand soap or body soap before using this product. You can reduce the oiliness by washing regularly. However, over-washing leads to product deterioration. Please be sure to wash as if you were gently washing your face.
    The supplied powder absorbs the bleeding oil, which reduces the stickiness of the surface and improves the smoothness and feel. In addition, the lower stickiness of the surface makes it more difficult for dust, dirt, etc. to adhere.


    Elastomer retains heat because it contains a lot of oil. It's very cold when it's cold and it becomes like human skin when heated.

    The estimated temperature after 15 minutes in the hot water is then around 40 degrees. If the 15 minutes are not enough to warm the toy, then simply put it back in the water again to get a suitable temperature. However, be careful never to use boiling water or to put the product in a saucepan with boiling water, as the bottom of the saucepan becomes very hot and the product can be damaged in the process. Warm breasts are softer than at normal temperatures. So please handle them carefully.

    Use with lingerie

    If you use the tits with lingerie, please do not wear them for too long, otherwise the oil will soak into your clothes.
    If you wear costumes or lingerie over the breasts, the color can also carry over. Please perform a patch test on the underside before donning.


    Elastomer, the material of the breasts, has the same properties as plastic and becomes soft at high temperatures. Therefore, it may deform when stored in a hot room. We therefore recommend that you store the tits in the blister pack in which the product is located and protect them from high temperatures and moisture. Ultraviolet rays are also a natural enemy of elastomers. So please avoid direct sunlight.

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