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  • I000038
    • detailed recreation of popular AV star Rara Anzai
    • Layered material breasts
    • pleasantly soft and velvety and yet resilient
    • High quality developed in Japan
    • Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 14 cm
  • Small but nice, the series with that certain something! The JAPANESE REAL HOLE series, in... more


    Small but nice, the series with that certain something!

    The JAPANESE REAL HOLE series, in which many well-known AV actresses were the models, is characterized by high-quality material.

    Stimulating breasts realistically and faithfully replicating AV actress Rara Anzai's fluffy J cups. Due to the enormous softness, the boobs are very stretchy, flexible and extremely resilient.
    It feels very close to real skin, whether you touch the toy with your hands or with your cock.

    Rara Anzai's breasts consist of 3 different materials and weigh about 3kg. The different materials create an extremely realistic feeling. The inside is a bit harder, so there is enough stability, the outer layer of the breasts is fluffy soft, so you don't want to stop touching them. The nipples are made of a slightly firmer material that feels deceptively similar to real nipples.

    Take your hands and caress the breasts, touch them and enjoy this pleasantly soft feeling. Take your fingers and play with the nipples and nipples. Pinch in, slide it between your thumb and forefinger and twist it a little. Warm up the breasts and put your face into them. Take your tongue and suck and nibble on them. Take your hard cock and slide it back and forth between your breasts. Watch and enjoy the titfuck until the end, watching the boobs move up and down and back and forth.


    For an even more realistic feel, we recommend using a sufficient amount of lube. However, please only use water-based lubricants, such as our Peace's Lotion

    Rara Anzai is a stunning beauty and knows exactly how to captivate men. Born on March 1st, 1994, the 161cm tall nymph knows how to deal with her charms. Her extremely large breasts speak for themselves, which you can also see from her measurements. 105-58-89. She has been active as a porn actress in Japan since 2013 and can proudly claim to have acted in over 350 films.
    If you want to learn more about Rara, we linked her Twitter account here.

    OfficialTwitter Account: https://twitter.com/Rara_Anzai


    This product is very soft, so we ask that you store it flat. If you stand it up vertically, it may lose its shape.

    Information on handling and care

    Oil stain

    This product uses an elastomer as a material. Oil stains are inevitable, as is the case with the Onahoru.
    Please wash the product with a mild hand soap or body soap before using this product. You can reduce the oiliness by washing regularly. However, over-washing leads to product deterioration. Please be sure to wash as if you were gently washing your face.
    The supplied powder absorbs the bleeding oil, which reduces the stickiness of the surface and improves the smoothness and feel. In addition, the lower stickiness of the surface makes it more difficult for dust, dirt, etc. to adhere.


    Elastomer retains heat because it contains a lot of oil. It's very cold when it's cold and it becomes like human skin when heated.

    The estimated temperature after 15 minutes in the hot water is then around 40 degrees. If the 15 minutes are not enough to warm the toy, then simply put it back in the water again to get a suitable temperature. However, be careful never to use boiling water or to put the product in a saucepan with boiling water, as the bottom of the saucepan becomes very hot and the product can be damaged in the process. Warm breasts are softer than at normal temperatures. So please handle them carefully.

    Use with lingerie

    If you use the tits with lingerie, please do not wear them for too long, otherwise the oil will soak into your clothes.
    If you wear costumes or lingerie over the breasts, the color can also carry over. Please perform a patch test on the underside before donning.


    Elastomer, the material of the breasts, has the same properties as plastic and becomes soft at high temperatures. Therefore, it may deform when stored in a hot room. We therefore recommend that you store the tits in the blister pack in which the product is located and protect them from high temperatures and moisture. Ultraviolet rays are also a natural enemy of elastomers. So please avoid direct sunlight.






    Picture source: http://warashi-asian-pornstars.fr/en/s-2-0/shion-utsunomiya/asian-female-pornstar/1843

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