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G-Project Pururun Tennen Oppai Natural Boobs

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  • I000039
    • uses 4 different elastic materials to achieve both softness and strength
    • unique large areola
    • J-cup breasts weighing 5.6kg
    • Dimensions: 33x35x14cm
    • natural design with beautiful standing nipples
    • uses the revolutionary "Momochi" material that feels almost like real skin
    • made in Japan from local materials
    • appealing anime packaging designed by "Mataro"
  • The many details and the large areola testify to absolute dedication in this masterpiece... more


    The many details and the large areola testify to absolute dedication in this masterpiece


    We take our hats off and bow to this masterpiece from G-Project. We are honored to distribute these luscious yet beautiful J-cup breasts in Europe. The multi-layer structure leaves nothing to be desired. If "JAPANESE REAL OPPAI Anzai Rara" is the ultimate 3D boobs in Outvision series, then it can be said that this work is the 2D representative.

    The Pururun Tennen Oppai Natural Boobs are natural breasts with a J cup size and a total weight of approx. 5.6kg. They consist of a 3-layer structure and multi-shaped nipples. Two layers of gel material are embedded in the breasts to show off the curves even more beautifully. The base features a wide cleavage zone that stretches from the neck to the collarbone, and as this is made of harder material, the huge twin mounds are firmly supported at the same time. This décolleté also makes it possible to put clothes on the boobs to give the whole thing a realistic look. Whether bras, blouses, shirts or tops, your look at a low-cut décolleté makes the attraction even more intense.

    It's fun to see how the soft material sways with the slightest movement of your body, and as soon as you touch it or rub it and move your palms back and forth on it, you'll be amazed at how real it all feels. The nipples are also taut and firm and the nipples are outstanding. At Omocha Dreams, we think the size ratio of breasts, areolas and nipples is very good.

    But please note the enormous size of the product. If you don't live alone, think carefully about where you store the boobs. But it's great fun playing with the big tits while looking at the beautifully designed packaging.

    The in-house Momochi material was used in the production. The pride of G-Project. Some handy masturbators have almost no smell or stickiness, but at this size the oily stickiness is noticeable and there is a moderate smell. We therefore recommend that you regularly rub the breasts with a powder, such as Onaclean Powder, to reduce stickiness.

    The design of the packaging, the drawing and the manga character are really impressive and definitely give the whole thing a certain charm that reflects the enormous size. The artist behind this product is none other than Mataro from Japan. You can find a little insight into his works by clicking on the following links.

    Website: https://mataro777.wixsite.com/mataroweb
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mataro_777/
    Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/1864423

    *Because the product is very soft, similar to natural breasts, we recommend laying it flat to avoid damaging the material.

    Information on handling and care

    Oil stain

    This product uses an elastomer as a material. Oil stains are inevitable, as is the case with the Onahoru.
    Please wash the product with a mild hand soap or body soap before using this product. You can reduce the oiliness by washing regularly. However, over-washing leads to product deterioration. Please be sure to wash as if you were gently washing your face.
    The supplied powder absorbs the bleeding oil, which reduces the stickiness of the surface and improves the smoothness and feel. In addition, the lower stickiness of the surface makes it more difficult for dust, dirt, etc. to adhere.


    Elastomer retains heat because it contains a lot of oil. It's very cold when it's cold and it becomes like human skin when heated.

    The estimated temperature after 15 minutes in the hot water is then around 40 degrees. If the 15 minutes are not enough to warm the toy, then simply put it back in the water again to get a suitable temperature. However, be careful never to use boiling water or to put the product in a saucepan with boiling water, as the bottom of the saucepan becomes very hot and the product can be damaged in the process. Warm breasts are softer than at normal temperatures. So please handle them carefully.

    Use with lingerie

    If you use the tits with lingerie, please do not wear them for too long, otherwise the oil will soak into your clothes.
    If you wear costumes or lingerie over the breasts, the color can also carry over. Please perform a patch test on the underside before donning.


    Elastomer, the material of the breasts, has the same properties as plastic and becomes soft at high temperatures. Therefore, it may deform when stored in a hot room. We therefore recommend that you store the tits in the blister pack in which the product is located and protect them from high temperatures and moisture. Ultraviolet rays are also a natural enemy of elastomers. So please avoid direct sunlight.



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