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Meiki No Shoumei 9: Misaki Rola

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  • F000436
    • soft hand masturbator based on the model of the porn actress Misaki Rola
    • closed end causes great vacuum feeling during masturbation
    • special lubricant gel and poster from Misaki included
  • Meiki no Shoumei 9 takes us to Russia! Because Misaki Rola is half Japanese, half Russian.... more

    Meiki no Shoumei 9 takes us to Russia! Because Misaki Rola is half Japanese, half Russian. Rola was born in June 1992 and lives in Tokyo. She is a remarkable 172 cm tall and is one of the tallest Japanese porn actresses. With 83-58-84 she has an absolute dream figure with which she makes men's hearts beat faster!

    Meiki no Shoumei 9: Rola Misaki offers a wonderful and very detailed vagina design. Due to its size and weight, this Meiki is very easy to hold. For a maximum suction feeling with vacuum, this masturbator is closed at the end. Since the elastomer used is extremely soft and flexible, the inside can easily be turned outwards for intensive cleaning. This Meiki is also wonderfully soft and cuddly. Like a real pussy, it will take in any penis. Due to its nature, it is ideally suited for long video evenings with your favorite porn. Meiki no Shoumei 9 offers a narrow, very interesting zero-diameter structure that has some properties that make this onahole a true Meiki.

    A cute reversible poster is included in delivery. It shows glossy shots of Rola. A nice addition to your bathroom door!



    We think Meiki no Shoumei 9 is one of the best masturbators that is made from just one layer of material. The combination of soft material and relatively strong stimulation is absolutely great. Now is the time to replace your old Meiki no Shoumei: Maria Ozawa!


    Rola Misaki's Meiki onahole is 17 cm long. The diameter is 8.5 to 10 cm. The total weight is 540 grams. As usual, the scope of delivery includes a sample of lubricant. Rola's signature is on the outside of the masturbator.



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