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Meiki no Shoumei 1: Maria Ozawa

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  • F000202
    • many years after its launch, it is still very popular
    • A special feature is that the tunnel shape was not pre-drilled, but slotted
    • incredible feeling when entering
    • comes with a 60ml Maria Ozawa lubricant and a poster
    • Weight: 550g, length: 17cm
  • Although she has had a few years on her back, the popularity of the Meiki Maria Ozawa remains... more

    Although she has had a few years on her back, the popularity of the Meiki Maria Ozawa remains unbroken.

    After the success of the two Meiki no Hinkaku Onaholes, more and more manufacturers are now following the example of this love tunnel architecture. What is special about this architecture is the fact that the passage is not pre-drilled, but pre-slit. This creates an incredible feeling of tightness that you can otherwise only experience in real sex.

    In addition to the narrow structure, the interior of the passage is covered with a multitude of small knobs, which are pressed onto your penis and glans by the tightness.

    If you have not yet convinced yourself of this new structure, you should take your chance and take advantage now! For this onahole, Maria Ozawa, a porn actress known in Japan, has made herself available for the vagina print!

    Total weight: 550g, total length: 17cm. Including 60 ml of the special Maria Ozawa lubricant with the unmistakable scent of beauty! §Meiki-no-shoumei§

    About Maria Ozawa:

    She was born on January 8th, 1986 on Hokkaidō, the northernmost main island of Japan. Maria is a very successful Japanese porn actress, actress and model. At the beginning of her career she used the pseudonym Miyabi (み や び).

    Under the pseudonym Miyabi she was in front of the camera for model shots at B-Open and the website shirouto-teien.com in 2005; She also made a so-called gonzo film for the website, which was later released on DVD. Thereupon the production company S1 No. 1 style, under contract. It celebrated its premiere on October 7, 2005 with the video New Face - Number One Style. In January 2009, Shemale Orgy Gangbang Rape made her first film with transsexual actresses.


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