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R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps

R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps

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  • A000176
    • Accessories for what is probably the strongest vibrating egg in the world
    • Developed to use the full potential of the R-1 Bach rotor
    • A set for women and men: stimulation for the clitoris, glans and anus
  • R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps Description The Bach Rotor Caps transmit the powerful... more

    R-1 Bach Rotor Triple Caps Description

    The Bach Rotor Caps transmit the powerful vibrations of the Bach rotor so efficiently to the clitoris, glans and anus or prostate that intense stimulation is generated immediately. Every cap has been developed with the utmost care. In connection with the Bach rotor, a completely new sex toy is created that stimulates the respective body part with maximum effectiveness and the best possible stimulation.

    We tried to find the best possible rubber material mixture for each attachment in order to get the best result. Of course, all attachments are harmless. While you will be able to use the Bach Caps with other Vibrating Eggs, we guarantee you will not get anywhere near similar results. With a maximum of 17,000 revolutions per minute, our R-1 Bach rotor is probably the most powerful battery-operated vibro egg on the market. This is not just any marketing promise; we give you our word!


    The individual products in this set at a glance:

    Libra was created to connect the Bach rotor directly and as firmly as possible to the glans. This enables hands-free use. Diameter: one size, length: 85 mm. This essay is just fantastic. It literally sticks the R-1 Bach rotor onto the glans and at the same time creates a pleasant pressure around the top of the penis. You can masturbate as fast as you want without having to worry about losing the powerful vibrations of the R-1 Bach rotor.

    The unique shape of Virgo was developed to generate the best possible vibration at the tip. An explosive orgasm is guaranteed! Length: 60mm. If you see this attachment in combination with the R-1 Bach rotor you will be truly amazed. The little ball on top will dance like there's no tomorrow. Now imagine yourself touching the clitoris with this dancing ball. We promise you that you have probably not tried anything like it! The stimulation produced is just amazing.

    Leo is our anal and prostate stimulator. Its shape offers sensual stimulation for anal beginners and advanced users. Diameter: 22 mm, length: 122 mm. Our anal attachment transforms the R-1 Bach rotor into a compact anal vibrator. We tried to find the best possible material to transfer the strong vibrations of the R-1 Bach rotor to the entire attachment. We think that we have succeeded better than other manufacturers with similar products. Please try this essay if you are into anal pleasure.

    We have decided to offer these attachments as a set to make them more attractive to couples and should you be alone, you can still use two attachments. Besides, it is not said that you will always be alone!

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