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Meiki Plush DX

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  • G000093
    • The classic Meiki Plush DX
    • High quality sex doll made of fabric
    • with slot for all kinds of masturbators
    • Zipper on the back makes it easy to insert
    • soft, cozy surface
  • Exclusively at Omocha Dreams: the Meiki Plush DX now with even more details!... more

    Exclusively at Omocha Dreams: the Meiki Plush DX now with even more details!

    Meiki Plush offers absolute dream dimensions: with 90-60-90 every man's dreams are fulfilled! The cup size is around 75C. Meiki Plush is 77 cm high and has a shoulder width of 35 cm. The thigh span is approximately 46 cm. Since Meiki Plush weighs only 2.5 kg, anyone can use it without any problems!


    The surface of Meiki Plush is made of cuddly soft polyester.

    Please note that soiling on the surface may only be dabbed off with a sponge. Meiki Plush is not machine washable due to the staple fiber filling.

    Meiki Plush offers a really large slot. This means that masturbators with a maximum length of 27 cm (!) And a diameter of approximately 8 cm can be inserted. Hand masturbators of any size can be fixed with the help of a drawstring. The silky material inside the slot makes it easy to insert your favorite onahole!

    To make it even easier to insert, the new version has a zipper on the back. You can reach through with your entire hand and simply slide the masturbator into the desired position. The onawrap, which made it extremely easy to insert the insert, is no longer necessary.

    In our third detailed photo (see above), for example, we inserted a Meiki Three Sisters: Nymph (sold separately). This series is one of the slightly larger onaholes and fits into the slot without any problems. Fans of the Meiki no Shoumei series will also be particularly pleased. The giant Meikis such as those made by Zhang Xiaoyu, Yen Yu Yee or Sarah can be experienced in a completely new way with Meiki Plush!

    Not only lovers of sex dolls will enjoy Meiki Plush. The plush torso makes the ideal addition to pretty much any onahole. Do not miss the opportunity to rediscover your favorite masturbator!

    Please note: The outer packaging of Meiki Plush exceeds the maximum dimensions for a DHL Packstation (77 × 35 × 35 cm) and can therefore not be sent to one!

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