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R-1 Predator Wand

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  • A000158b
    • Next generation multifunction vibrator
    • Perfect for clitoral, G-spot and anal stimulation
    • Completely flexible middle section, selected position remains
    • Uses 50 modes of the R-1 control unit
    • R-1 starter set is required
  • Predator Wand description The Predator Wand is a next-generation multifunctional... more

    Predator Wand description

    The Predator Wand is a next-generation multifunctional vibrator. Its innovative design opens up a wide range of uses. With the Predator Wand, Rends has created a vibrator that can do almost anything you need for lustful love games.

    It is just as strong as the Bach Rotor (the R-1 Vibro Egg) and has exactly the same functionality. However, due to its design, the Predator Wand is much more versatile than the Bach rotor. Thanks to its slim shape, it can be inserted painlessly into the vagina. Thanks to the flexible middle part, the Predator Wand can also be curved in such a way that G-spot stimulation is easily possible. The rubber-like surface with light knobs rubs with relish on the inside of the vagina and creates incredibly intense stimuli. The 49 + 1 modes of the R-1 control unit give the Predator Wand in combination with the above-mentioned functionality the absolute kick. The handle of the Predator Wand will never vibrate even at the highest level. It is also very quiet despite its incredible power. Of course, the Predator Wand can also be used for attractive anal stimulation. This makes the Predator Wand a hot pleasure for men and women alike. The Predator Wand is a true multifunctional genius. Regardless of whether it is used as a lay-on vibrator, G-spot vibrator or for intense anal stimulation; This device will definitely never be boring!

    Total length: 280 mm, penetration part: 170 mm, max. Diameter: 35 mm, weight: 145 g

    ATTENTION: The Predator Wand is an accessory for the R-1 Starter Set. This is not included in the scope of delivery and is required separately. If not already available, please order together.

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