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RealBody JULIA

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  • G000107
    • very detailed replica
    • Upper body is 1: 1 the same size as the original
    • vaginal and anal love tunnel
    • large, luscious mega breasts with nipples
    • beautifully shaped belly
    • with 3D bone structure for a better hold
    • Made in Japan
    • Including A3 poster and 600ml lotion
  • Discover our RealBody series and experience the unbelievable feeling of detailed doll... more


    Discover our RealBody series and experience the unbelievable feeling of detailed doll torsos made in Japan.

    We are allowed to introduce JULIA "The Goddess of the Earth". The absolute mega torso from SSI-Japan. This torso is true to the original in a 1: 1 ratio and corresponds to the actual size of Julia Kyoka, one of the most popular porn stars in Japan. Huge and mega soft breasts make the hearts of all boobs fans beat faster. In addition, this torso offers you a flat stomach with a belly button, a sweet crisp butt to pinch in and a nicely drawn back line. If that's exactly what you're into and getting hot, then this torso is for you.

    Julia Kyoka's torso is 1: 1 as big as the upper body of the real Julia. With a total weight of around 20kg, this torso is a decent heavyweight and therefore extremely realistic. The constriction of the waist, the bulging of the chest, the thin collarbone and the attention to detail such as the position of the birthmark and the shape of the areola make this torso something unique.

    Made in Japan according to strict material specifications, this torso made of a two-layer structure is an absolute eye-catcher. "DNA Silk Skin II" is a high-quality and very safe elastomer material and has, among other things, passed the food analysis test and can even be licked off. In addition, it is almost odorless and feels almost as soft as real skin. Close your eyes and gently touch the body, the stomach, buttocks and breasts. Pinch the nipples and enjoy this incredible feeling.

    Another highlight is the further developed 3D bone structure. This enables a realistic feeling of the ribs and spine. The bone system, which enables different postures and thereby also intensive play, is modeled on the human being very detailed. You can even feel the bones, which resemble a real skeleton, on the back of the spine while playing with this torso. In addition, this bone structure ensures more durability.

    The vaginal as well as the anal tunnel are realistically modeled on that of the real Julia Kyoka. An extremely narrow canal with a G-spot and uterine entrance give you an incredibly real feeling. Warm up the torso and take some lubricant (600ml lotion included) and let yourself fall, close your eyes and enjoy this unique feeling and the gentle pressure that lets the orgasm roll towards you. Her vaginal and anal tunnels generate different stimuli on your penis, depending on how deep you penetrate. Pinch her nipples or touch her large breasts when you come. Grasp her slim waist with both hands and ideally never let the orgasm end.

    * As this is a soft material, please support her shoulders and hips when unpacking.
    * Because the material is soft, the body cannot stand upright.

    Material / Ingredient: DNA Silk Skin II (material based on elastomers)
    Food analysis tested [No. 14011814001-01]
    Food Hygiene Act (Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Affairs, Communication No. 370)
    Made in Japan

    Body size: length 650 mm
    Body weight: approx. 20kg

    "Real Body" is a registered trademark of SSI JAPAN. Registered trademark No. 5845545

    Twisting the body can cause damage. When you lay your torso on the stomach, it puts pressure on the waist. If the waist is bent, it can be damaged. So if you won't be using the torso for a long time, please keep it lying on the back.
    There may be wrinkles on the back from the hip to the waist, but this is not a defect as it is due to the manufacturing process. There is a vertical line on the front of the torso, but it is a design specification.


    Information on handling and care

    Oil stain
    This product uses an elastomer as a material. Oil stains are inevitable, as is the case with the Onahoru.
    Please wash the product with a mild hand soap or body soap before using this product. You can reduce the oiliness by washing regularly. However, over-washing leads to product deterioration. Please be sure to wash as if you were gently washing your face.
    Use Onahole Powder (sold separately), which reduces the stickiness of the surface and improves the smoothness and feel. In addition, the lower stickiness of the surface makes it more difficult for dust, dirt, etc. to adhere.

    We recommend using a mild, pH-neutral soap for washing. If dirt remains inside, it can lead to mold and germs. Rinse the RealBody through with water and use a Cleaning Brush to remove any residue.

    Elastomer retains heat because it contains a lot of oil. It's very cold when it's cold and it becomes like human skin when heated. The warm torso is softer than at normal temperatures. So please handle it carefully. We therefore recommend the Hole Warmer from Rends for optimal warming. This heats the onaholes to 37 degrees in just 10 minutes.

    Use of lube
    Please only use water-based lubricant. We recommend the Peace's Lotion, for example. Most gels are water-based, but some are oil-based or silicone-based. Using such an oil-based lotion may cause deterioration or damage to the masturbator.

    Use with lingerie
    If you use the torso with lingerie, please do not wear it for too long, otherwise the oil will soak into the clothing.
    If you wear costumes or lingerie over the onahole, the color can also carry over. Please perform a patch test on the underside before applying.

    Elastomer, the material of the torso, has the same properties as plastic and becomes soft at high temperatures. Therefore, it may deform when stored in a hot room. We therefore recommend storing the torso in the blister pouch in which the product is located and protecting it from high temperatures and moisture. Ultraviolet rays are also a natural enemy of elastomers. So please avoid direct sunlight.


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