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Casper Cutie

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  • A000301
    • new and smaller version of the bestseller "Casper"
    • different vibration levels and 3 motors
    • intense stimulation of the G-spot
    • powerful motors to stimulate the clitoris
    • comes in a stylish packaging with a bow
  • WELCOME HOME LITTLE FRIEND A new compact version of the cute but powerful vibrator... more


    A new compact version of the cute but powerful vibrator bestseller "Casper".
    The size of the head of the new "Casper Cutie" has been adjusted so that it fits into the narrowest vagina.

    In order to find the perfect shape, 30 women were selected as test subjects and then interviewed in detail.

    Together with the strong pressure that "Cutie" exerts on the G-spot and the triple vibration from its 3 motors and the newly designed head part, it has been possible to achieve the ultimate stimulation.

    It's not just a smaller version of its predecessor - the functions of the "Cutie" have been significantly improved in many ways.

    As soon as you have introduced the little "Cutie", she will not let go of his tingle so easily when he gently stimulates the G-spot - a revolutionary one-handed design.

    With the little one, "Casper Cutie", Rends listened to many different opinions during the development process, redesigned the toy over and over again, thereby enabling even "narrow" women to enjoy them without worries. Rends has managed to keep all the beloved parts and functions of the original "Casper" and just downsize the head without compromising.

    For women who are already happy with the size of the Casper, there may be no need to go for the smaller model, but for those who couldn't use it or thought it looked too big, you can rely on it - now with "Casper Cutie" it will definitely work. "You get a new chance to enjoy all the functions and the luxurious stimulation of the predecessor."


    A comparison image of the original product and the
    new “Casper Cutie”, you can see the difference in size.


    Here is the whole "Casper" series - with the aim of
    to reach the top of the vibrator world! Looking forward
    on even more great products from the well-known Rends range.


    Facts and figures:

    Total length: 19.6 cm (7.7 inches)
    Width: 4.7 cm (1.9 in)
    Insertable length: 8 cm (3.1 in)
    Insertable width: maximum 6 cm (2.4 inches)
    Product weight: 150 g (5.3 oz.)
    Packaged size: Width: 10.6 cm (41.7 inches), Depth: 8.7 cm (3.4 inches), Height: 26.1 cm (10.3 inches)
    Packaged Weight: 220 g (7.8 oz.)

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