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SPIDER Texas Patti

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  • F000777b
    • Premium masturbator based on the model of Texas Patti (including poster)
    • discreet appearance thanks to 2 cover caps
    • the suction cup system allows completely hands-free masturbation
    • the adjustable angle of inclination allows the simulation of numerous positions
    • double-layer material construction
    • Outer cover available in a noble piano lacquer look or high-gloss white
  •   In April 2018, Texas Patti graced the cover of Penthouse, in September 2018 she... more


    In April 2018, Texas Patti graced the cover of Penthouse, in September 2018 she won her first XBIZ Award, in October 2018 2 Venus Awards and the years before already 7 Venus Awards and 3 Erotic Lounge Awards. The up-and-coming career of the likeable Texas Patti has been on the rise since 2012.

    In October 2018, Texas Patti became the next SPIDER Girl! We are proud to be able to add this personality to our carefully compiled SPIDER range. From now on, thousands of men can see for themselves how real the realistic reconstruction of Texas Patti's pussy feels! Of course, we present Texas Patti’s carefully modeled pussy print in the usual detailed SPIDER quality.

    Spider Texas Patti Web-Special
    Texas Patti's Instagram Profil


    To give your SPIDER Texas Patti an intimate piercing, all you have to do is insert the safety pin provided into the areas marked overleaf. Then close the needle. Then you prepare the piercing with a ball. Now pull the safety pin out a little and push the piercing through. With a little skill you only have to screw on the second ball. Finished! If it worked, everything will look like the picture overleaf. Your SPIDER Texas Patti now has a real zircon. The rest of the piercing is made of titanium and can be washed away without hesitation.


    Texas Patti's pussy is really something very special. A real Meiki! The fact that Texas Patti does sport every day shows her steel pelvic floor muscles with which she can really grab hold of! Her pussy will literally suck you in and never let go. We had to stabilize the entrance area of the internal structure with another layer of material to simulate this as best as possible. The result is a gobbling, slightly squeezing sensation upon penetration. In combination with the zero diameter structure, it is probably the narrowest SPIDER that ever existed! Try not to cum!



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