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Crimson SM Electric Stick Rotor

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  • A000217
    • egg-shaped smooth head with powerful motor
    • soft silicone surface
    • long flexible middle section for precise stimulation
    • 10 different powerful vibration modes
    • clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation possible
    • High quality from YUIRA in Japan
  • The popular Crimson series from YUIRA  Japan is growing step by step The Stick... more

    The popular Crimson series from YUIRA Japan is growing step by step

    The Stick Rotor can stimulate you in several ways, because it has it all in the truest sense of the word. It was designed in Japan and was created in collaboration with the Crimson Manga series.
    Its soft silicone surface feels very comfortable. The egg-shaped smooth head provides intense stimulation. Thanks to its very thin tip, you can place it on the clitoris and thus ensure precise stimulation. The Stick Rotor satisfies you exactly where you want it to be.

    Its long stem is flexible and therefore bendable. You can adjust the desired position without any problems and not only use the tip for playing, but also the flat side of the head. This allows you to have wider stimulation. Introduced vaginally, you can even effortlessly reach your G-spot and ensure even more tingling moments. Due to its length, you can even penetrate to the uterine mouth, where a multitude of nerves converge and give you that extra kick when stimulated. Every cool girl gets weak knees.

    How you use the Stick Rotor is entirely up to your imagination. No matter if clitoral, vaginal or maybe even anal. Due to its shape, a lot is possible. It is even suitable for beginners, as the head of the toy with a diameter of 2.9 cm is not too thick. By the way, the total length of the Stick Rotor is 26.5cm.

    The two buttons on the device make it easy to operate your new Vibe. The lower button is the ON / OFF button. Simply press briefly and the device is ready for use (a LED lights up).
    With the upper button you can switch through the 10 different types of vibrations one after the other. Enjoy the powerful vibration of the quiet yet powerful motor.

    The top of the Stick Rotor is waterproof and can therefore be cleaned after use without any problems. Please make sure that the battery compartment is not immersed under running water as it is not waterproof. We recommend a sufficient amount of water-based lubricant for playing.

    The batteries (2xAAA, not included) can be easily replaced. Unscrew the bottom lid and take out the batteries. But please make sure to put the batteries back in the right way up. If the alignment is different, there is a risk of short circuits.




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