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Spider Original, discreet masturbator with suction cup and realistic internal structure, 17cm

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  • F000351b
    • Premium masturbator with a realistic internal structure
    • discreet appearance thanks to 2 cover caps
    • the suction cup system allows completely hands-free masturbation
    • the adjustable angle of inclination allows the simulation of numerous positions
    • double-layer material construction
    • Length: 17cm
    • Outer cover available in a noble piano lacquer look or high-gloss white
  • Discreet masturbator with suction cup and realistic internal structure, 17cm In 2012,... more

    Discreet masturbator with suction cup and realistic internal structure, 17cm

    In 2012, SPIDER reinvented the way innovative masturbators are made and showed that masturbators can be a great lifestyle product.

    SPIDER is the realization of a dream and was founded with great vision. Our goal was to bring a shower masturbator onto the market that is so beautifully designed that you don't want to hide it. SPIDER gives your bathroom that certain something. The beautiful and clear design makes SPIDER an extravagant addition to your rooms.


    Use the SPIDER every day in your morning shower to keep your health and fitness on track. Additionally, it is probably also the most effective way to prevent premature ejaculation. SPIDER was designed as a companion for the modern man who strives for sexual balance.

    The SPIDER can be easily attached to any smooth surface using our strong suction cup system.
    There is a joint attached to the suction cup that allows the angle of inclination to be easily fixed. Numerous positions can be simulated! Enjoying hands-free masturbation has never been easier!


    The removable insert is made of harmless, skin-like material. The internal structure is modeled on a real woman's tight vagina. The combination of real stimulation and the possibility of hands-free handling make SPIDER truly unique! We are sure that SPIDER will soon become an indispensable training partner!

    The outer shell of SPIDER is available in two elegant colors. First we have our Intense Black paint job. This color can best be described as a piano lacquer look. A really stylish appearance. We also have our Extreme White. This version shines in a high-gloss white. The non-intrusive design fits seamlessly into any bathroom.

    After removing the bottom cover, our innovative suction cup system can be seen. Everything is made from high-quality materials. So we can guarantee that our invention will withstand all excesses of pleasure and hard impacts. Once the suction cup is correctly attached, it simply cannot fall off. The angle of the outer cover can be adjusted up to 120 degrees without any problems. To do this, simply loosen the screw above the suction cup by hand. Now set the desired angle. Then tighten the screw again. In this way you can simulate numerous positions and train them perfectly! The shape of the SPIDER Insert adapts almost 1:1 to the inner shape of the outer shell. This ensures a good fit and the highest possible comfort. The tunnel of the insert is open for easy cleaning. This means it can simply be rinsed under running water. Since the insert is very voluminous, it can easily be turned inside out for intensive cleaning or drying. SPIDER represents a legitimate evolution of existing sex toys and takes the state of the art to a new level. We are therefore proud that SPIDER is registered and protected as a utility model with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

    We are really happy that we were ultimately able to implement our SPIDER project flawlessly and think that you will love our product as much as we do!


    SPIDER has set a new standard in the design of modern lifestyle mastubators. With its beautiful and discreet appearance that fits perfectly into all modern households, SPIDER has already convinced thousands of men.


    SPIDER data:

    • Weight: 874g
    • Dimensions insert: Length: 200 mm, min Ø 45 mm, max Ø 90 mm
    • Dimensions outer shell: Length: 285 mm, min Ø 71 mm, max Ø 90 mm





    SPIDER Original is the improved version of the original SPIDER Realism. Like the SPIDER Meiki One and the SPIDER Roxx, the SPIDER Original now also has a double-layer material structure. The tunnel that forms the inner structure is made of a somewhat firmer material, so that the feeling of being enclosed around the shaft and penis is intensified. The material that makes up the outer layer can stay soft and supple.

    The SPIDER Original with its true-to-life, organic interior structure remains the absolute classic among suction cup masturbators.



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