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Arm Stand (für VORZE & Rends)

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  • S000115
    • enjoy hands-free masturbation at a whole new level
    • compatible with the Piston SA, the Cyclone SA +Plus and the A10 Piston BASIC
    • can be attached to many surfaces, 10-80mm thickness
    • flexible tilt, swivel and swivel functions
    • gas spring operated damper mechanism allows easy movement in all directions
    • high resilience through the use of steel
    • designed in Japan by VORZE
  • Hands-free masturbation taken to a whole new level by VORZE Even more possibilities, even... more


    Hands-free masturbation taken to a whole new level by VORZE

    Even more possibilities, even more game variants and simply even more fun. We introduce you to the official and native successor to the Stand Basic from Rends in Japan. The Arm Stand, also designed in Japan, offers you even more undreamt-of possibilities when using your VORZE masturbators due to its mechanics.

    The holder made of durable steel is suitable for attaching the VORZE A10 Piston SA, the VORZE A10 Cyclone SA +Plus and the A10 Piston BASIC. Attached to a table, for example, this Arm Stand allows you to play hands-free without having to hold the masturbator in your hand.

    The hard-wearing steel body impresses with excellent fastening power, high stability and easy handling. Let your imagination run wild and try out where you can attach your masturbators everywhere. Use them standing, sitting or lying down. Attach them to a table, chair, or bedside table.

    Whatever you decide to do, the comfort of having both hands free while masturbating is insane. Until now, this feeling was only known from the SPIDER. Try it out, the resulting feeling comes incredibly close to reality.

    Compatible Models
    ■ A10 Piston SA
    ■ A10 Cyclone SA + PLUS
    ■ A10 Piston BASIC 


    Packaged Size 445mm in total length, 235mm in total width, 95mm in height
    Gross Weight 4400g
    Product Size 415mm in total length, 220mm in total width, 70mm in height
    Product Weight 3800g

    Start your best experience

    The built-in gas spring prevents shifting while allowing precise position adjustment to the intended location.
    With its flexible tilt, pivot, and swivel functions, it provides ultimate adjustability to even the slightest angle.



    Smooth movements

    The gas-spring operated damper mechanism allows movement in all directions lightly. It can be easily adjusted to any position without any discomfort.

    Use anywhere

    The Arm Stand can be mounted onto surfaces with its clamps.
    No holes need to be drilled in the top panel and can be mounted onto surfaces as thin as 10mm and as thick as 80mm.


    Separable parts

    The docking part to attach the A10 Piston SA and A10 Cyclone SA +PLUS can be separated from the main arm for easy assembling. After attaching the units, slide in the VESA plate to the main arm to complete the fixation.


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