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VORZE A10 Piston SA Inner Sleeve

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Inner Structure Piston SA Sleeve:

The VORZE A10 Piston SA Sleeves are available in 8 different internal structures. Every single sleeve impresses with its uniqueness and the associated intense stimulation and an unbelievable feeling when the orgasm rolls towards you.

  • F000636
    • Inner sleeves made of soft and elastic material for the VORZE A10 Piston SA
    • each of the sleeves is unique in texture and structure
    • experience different highlights through a variety of possibilities
    • combined with the Skyworth-4D S801 VR headset, you will experience even more realistic moments
    • easy handling and maintenance
  •             CLOVER ß : ... more












    CLOVER ßFeel the friction create powerful yet blissful feelings! The four large ridges will rub you gently from all sides- this sleeve is perfect for experiencing the joy of automatic stroking.

    HELIX ßThe large folds at the depth bring you intense rubbing as the long, spiraling ridges tease you from the bottom to the tip. Feel the best of the thrusting movement!

    WIND ß: The winding structure clings onto you as the sleeve makes its move. With the delicately crafted details on the walls, letting this sleeve move slowly creates blissfully realistic sensations.

    STEEL ßThe Inward bumps cling and tease your shaft with each stroke, giving you vividly pleasurable sensations until you climax.

    PLAINThe PLAIN is a sleeve with a smooth, uncomplicated  interior. You can fully indulge in the soft and thick texture of its vibrant walls for as much as you want. 

    SUCKER ß: Modeled to replicate the excitement of a blowjob, the tongue-like bump & extreme ridges will suck onto your shaft and never let you go! The domed structure at the end awaits your climax.

    BUMPThis sleeve is created by non-dimensional processing, meaning that you can savor the feeling of pushing yourself into the intense, squishy interior. Its large nubs will cling onto you as the thick walls.

    FORBIDDENSlide yourself into the "FORBIDDEN" tunnel, where the bumpy texture and its web-like walls await you at the depth. Enjoy the various excitements this sleeve has to offer!





    QHow should I maintain?
    AYou can wash the inner sleeves with water, but turning inside/out can cause a breakdown. Also, as the inside of A10 Piston SA is not waterproof please wipe your inner sleeve well before use.

    QIs there no problem with hygienic quality?
    AA10 Cyclone Inner Sleeves are manufactured with great attention, however we recommend that people who have allergies and sensitive skin should do patch testing. Or using a condom to prevent any problem.

    QCan I use it repeatedly?
    AThe Inner Sleeves are not disposable, so you can use until it breaks! After use, wash it with water and store in a cool dry place.

    QOne of the 6 holes for holding is split, can it still be used?
    APlease stop using any broken inner sleeve as it cannot hold enough.

    QWhere should I apply lubricant to?
    AApply adequate amount of lubricant to the entrance and inside of the inner sleeve.

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