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DPVR-4D Pro VR-Headset

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  • S000046
    • standalone VR system - no smartphone or computer required
    • includes remote control for improved usability
    • many built-in features enhance the virtual experience
    • suitable for spectacle wearers
    • stylish appearance in matt black
    • under 500g weight - ultra light - perfect for long streams
    • depending on the video, a resolution of up to 4k is available
    • can be combined with the VORZE A10 Piston SA or the VORZE Cyclone SA +Plus
  • All-in-One VR Headset Pro, supports Ultra-Evolution 4K and is specially designed for VR... more


    All-in-One VR Headset Pro, supports Ultra-Evolution 4K and is specially designed for VR Porn!

    Enjoy and live this ultra-realistic experience!

    L.A.B specializes in adult VR and has developed a standalone VR headset that combines everything you need to enjoy VR porn! It supports Ultra-Evolution 4K and comes with a remote control. No extra smartphone or computer is required to use it - all software is pre-installed so you can get started as soon as you get your hands on your new VR headset.

    The functionality of these VR glasses has hardly changed compared to the previous "DPVR-4D", although the operability has become much more convenient thanks to the attached remote control. Almost all operations can be performed with the remote control. The "Home" button on the remote control always brings you back to the main menu.

    With its exquisite lenses, a clear, wide view is available. The realistic view can also be combined with your headphones or a speaker to create the ultimate virtual experience.


    Many built-in features enhance your virtual experience with these glasses. Thanks to the spacious interior design, you can use the VR set as a glasses wearer without any problems. Focusing is automatic. The comfortable face pad and the low weight ensure that it does not become uncomfortable even when worn for a long time. There is also a special sensor built in that automatically stops/plays the video when you take off or put on the headset.

    While the previous SKYWORTH VR glasses had analog buttons for control, the DPVR-Pro can be operated with the touchpad on the side. The device can access the Internet via WiFi and establish a high-speed connection. From now on, you can easily stream your favorite videos directly via the VR glasses! The square recessed part on the right is the touchpad. You can also move the cursor by swiping or lightly tapping to operate. The microSD card slot is located on the bottom of the main unit. There are various buttons on both sides, such as the volume, which can be operated very easily with the fingertips.

    On the left is a micro-USB socket that doubles as a charging port. The LED on the power button shows the operating status in color, for example blue in normal operation.





    The user interface is based on the Android system. Thanks to this, it is even possible to watch high definition VR videos or VR porn. For example, the Adult Festa VR website is fully compatible. Similar to the previous model, it enables Smart Viewing with "Adult Festa VR", "Pocket VR" and an SD card compatible with thousands of titles.

    The headset itself weighs 469g, the cushion (33g) and the headband (36g). The headband features excellent elasticity and improved fit.
    This lightweight set is therefore perfect for streaming videos for long periods of time without pain or stress as it doesn't catch and pinch.

    The FOV is wide-angle, which means you can turn your head while the VR video is playing and still get a smooth and realistic view! Depending on the video, a resolution of up to 4k is available.


    Above all, the DPVR-4D Pro shows that playing high-resolution 4K videos is not a problem, even in connection with various VORZE devices. The eroticism and virtual feeling have been improved by several levels, allowing you to enjoy realistic pseudo sex unlike the past. Of course, the biggest feature is VR + 1D compatibility. This device can be controlled with VORZE toys such as the A10 Cyclone SA + PLUS and the A10 Piston SA via the integrated Bluetooth connection. By playing the videos in +1D format on this HMD while the VORZE products are connected, the device will move by itself and synchronize with the movements in the video! Experience fully automated, realistic virtual sex that you won't find anywhere else!


    An image of the UI screen. Similar to its predecessor, the home screen is lined with apps and (purchased) videos. There is also a lot of content specifically for adults.


    The package contents include the DPVR-4D Pro glasses, a sturdy headband, a dedicated remote control, two AAA batteries (for the remote control), a USB charging cable, a conversion adapter, a user manual and a warranty card. Rechargeable MicroUSB type B connector. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. Continuous playback or use is possible for about 4 hours.


    There are also a few DPVR-4D glasses left in stock. The previous model without a remote control. Sale price: €299.95
    If you are interested, please send an email to:global@omochadreams.com 

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