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A-One Bump Slide

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  • F000512
    • Slide-hole masturbator
    • Stimulation in a whole new way
    • exceptional interior structure
    • soft material
    • Brand quality from Japan
  • Experience masturbation on a whole new level! The Bump Slide from A-One is not an... more


    Experience masturbation on a whole new level!

    The Bump Slide from A-One is not an onahole in the true sense of the word. The Bump Slide is a so-called slide hole that is pulled completely over the cock and testicles.

    With its inner 36 grooves and 4 "crushers", the Bump Slide offers a very special kind of stimulation. The crushers also have a height difference of 6mm to the other grooves, which makes the stimulation particularly intense in these areas.


    With a small amount of water-based lubricant, which you put into the Bump Slide, you can get started. After you've pulled everything over your cock and testicles, start and pull up on the slide. This pulling creates sensational stimulation on the shaft and glans. At the same time you notice a certain vacuum that gradually becomes more and more intense.

    To give the glans extra pampering, simply pull the upper end of the Bump Slide briefly and then release it so that it snaps back. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to stimulation.

    Massage until the end and you will feel the orgasm rolling towards you.

    Cleaning is very easy. Simply turn the slide inside out and rinse under warm running water.

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