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Mega Slide

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  • F000719
    • Slide hole masturbator
    • stimulation in a whole new way
    • extraordinary internal structure
    • alternating long warts and deep wrinkles on the inside ensure an intense feeling
    • soft material
    • including a small sachez lubricant
    • high quality from Japan
  •   Experience masturbation on a whole new level! The Mega Slide from A-One is... more


    Experience masturbation on a whole new level!

    The Mega Slide from A-One is not actually an onahole. The Mega Slide is a so-called sliding masturbator or slide hole that is pulled completely over the cock and balls.

    Thanks to its long, all-round nipples, which are arranged between high and low transitions, you can play with the slide hole as you like and enjoy the intense stimulation. Push it backwards so that the Mega Slide pulls over your glans and shaft or pull the slide forwards while holding against it with your other hand. This creates a unique feeling of stimulation.

    The Mega Slide offers amazing elasticity and offers the most "aggressive" stimulation from the Slide Hole series.


    With a small amount of water-based lubricant, which you put in the Mega Slide, you can basically get started. After getting everything over your cock and balls, start and pull up on the slide. This pulling creates a sensational stimulation on the shaft and the glans. At the same time you notice a certain vacuum, which gradually becomes more and more intense.

    Massage to the end and you will feel the orgasm rolling towards you.

    Cleaning is very easy. Simply turn the slide inside out and rinse under warm running water.

    F000719_18 F000719_15 F000719_16 F000719_17 F000719_14 F000719_13

    Attention: The pictures do not show a real penis, but a realistic dildo that is supposed to represent a penis!


    Enjoy a new sensation of masturbation by expanding and contracting the masturbator.

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