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Original SPIDER: Realism Sleeve

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  • F000351c
    • Premium masturbator with realistic internal structure
    • First generation SPIDER Realism Sleeve
    • The cult sleeve from back then in limited quantities
    • Sleeve only for your SPIDER Case
    • Accessories for the SPIDER
    • fits in all spider cases
    • Original from GTC Made in Korea
    • ATTENTION: Case and suction cup are not included
  • SPIDER Realism Sleeve, the original for your SPIDER SPIDER  is a revolutionary sex toy... more

    SPIDER Realism Sleeve, the original for your SPIDER

    SPIDER is a revolutionary sex toy for men that enables hands-free masturbation and therefore realistic sexual training. You can easily attach SPIDER to any smooth surface using our strong suction cup system.
    There is a joint attached to the suction cup that allows the angle of inclination to be easily fixed. Numerous positions can be simulated! Enjoying hands-free masturbation has never been easier!



    The picture above shows how the sleeve can be used and how it sits in the SPIDER. The case and the suction cup are not included here. This product is purely the sleeve. This can be used as an accessory for your existing SPIDER at home. This gives you the opportunity to replace the sleeve without having to buy a new case.

    The removable insert is made of harmless, skin-like material. The internal structure is modeled on a real woman's tight vagina. The combination of real stimulation and the possibility of hands-free handling make SPIDER truly unique! We are sure that SPIDER will soon become an indispensable training partner!

    The Realism version of SPIDER presents itself with beautifully shaped labia. The entrance is wonderfully narrow and cuddly. It couldn't be better!



    The Realism Version of SPIDER also offers absolute realism inside. The images (see above) show detailed photos of the interior structure. We use the popular zero-diameter structure. This comes closest to reality, as it only stretches completely after penetration, thereby ensuring maximum friction and thus intensive stimulation. The shape of the internal structure corresponds to the interior of a real vagina. Masturbation couldn't feel more realistic!

    The shape of the SPIDER Insert adapts almost 1:1 to the inner shape of the outer shell. This ensures a good fit and the highest possible comfort. The tunnel of the insert is open for easy cleaning. This means it can simply be rinsed under running water. Since the insert is very voluminous, it can easily be turned inside out for intensive cleaning or drying.


    SPIDER represents a legitimate evolution of existing sex toys and takes the state of the art to a new level. We are therefore proud that SPIDER is registered and protected as a utility model with the German Patent and Trademark Office.

    We are really happy that we were ultimately able to implement our SPIDER project flawlessly and think that you will love our product as much as we do!

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