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Naked Factory Fantasy Girl JESSICA "A-Type"

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  • F000712a
    • Premium masturbator with lush breasts
    • silky smooth surface
    • easy to clean
    • including a stylish storage bag
    • 2.3 kg, WxHxL: 17x14x22 cm
    • Blister included for optimal storage
  •     The " Naked Factory " brand from South Korea, which is now very popular... more




    The "Naked Factory" brand from South Korea, which is now very popular in Europe, has created 2 new masterpieces. This time a handy torso sees the light of day and goes by the name of JESSICA.

    With a length of around 22cm and a height of 14cm, JESSICA fits perfectly in the hand. Its weight of 2.3 kg for the "Type A" and 1.8 kg for the "Type B" make this mini torso a special kind of toy. It is ideal as a companion when traveling, or for intimate games in the bedroom at home. Thanks to its curvature on the back, this small torso rests perfectly on a variety of surfaces. The surface of the torso consists of a pleasantly soft TPE material and is completely harmless to use. Our Fantasy Girl JESSICA is a product that perfectly combines design and quality.

    The perfectly shaped body line, the beautiful belly, the lush breasts (with type A), the firm buttocks - a masturbator that is second to none. Touch, enjoy and caress the soft breasts with their hard nipples, the beautiful buttocks or the belly with navel. At Omocha Dreams, we just can't get enough of it.

    At JESSICA there are many details to discover that simply make you want more.


    The Fantasy Girl JESSICA has a love tunnel that has it all in the truest sense of the word. There are many curves, folds and narrow points waiting for your hard cock, which irritate and stimulate your glans at different points. Feel and enjoy how the orgasm comes closer and closer and let yourself go.
    Placed on a flat surface, the air pressure can even be changed in the love tunnel to create an even more realistic feeling. This is because there is another hole at the top of this mini torso. This hole also has the advantage that the masturbator can be cleaned more easily.

    Another highlight that distinguishes the high quality is the convenient handling and easy cleaning.


    Before using for the first time

    Please wash the product once with water after opening before using it for the first time. With regular use and regular washing, we recommend using Onahole Puder, to prevent the material from sticking.

    You can simply rinse the toy with warm water to clean it. We recommend using a mild, pH-neutral soap for washing. If dirt remains inside, it can lead to mold and germs. A cleaning brush can be used to optimally remove all impurities. In this way you make sure that you really don't have any residues left in the internal structure.

    Use hot water of 50 degrees or less to heat this product and warm it up. If you warm it in boiling water, cracks may appear. Please note that this applies to all products. We therefore recommend the Hole Warmer from Rends for optimal warming. This heats the onaholes to 37 degrees in just 10 minutes.

    Use of lube
    Please only use water-based lubricant. We recommend the Peace's Lotion, for example. Most gels are water-based, but some are oil-based or silicone-based. Using such an oil-based lotion may cause deterioration or damage to the masturbator.

    Storage information
    Ultraviolet rays cause the elastomer (material name of Onahoru) to deteriorate. Avoid direct sunlight when storing and store the toy in a cool and dark place.

    About the life of the Onahoru
    With regular use, the surface inside the masturbator will gradually wear away a little. This gives the surface a moderately rough texture and arouses complex stimuli. Your toy is not broken because of it. You can use it many more times without any problems and experience unimagined orgasms.

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