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Meiki no Shoumei ZERO: Minami Aizawa

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  • F000718
    • detailed replica of the Japanese porn star Minami Aizawa
    • realistic feeling due to a weight of 800 grams and a length of 19 cm
    • very intense stimulation due to the many details
    • pleasantly soft and stretchy material that gently envelops the penis
    • proven Meiki quality from N.P.G
    • Lubricant is included
  • The charm of Minami Aizawa is condensed into 800g! The legendary Meiki no Shoumei... more


    The charm of Minami Aizawa is condensed into 800g!

    The legendary Meiki no Shoumei series from N.P.G is entering the next round and is now finally available in Europe. With the Meiki no Shoumei ZERO we welcome the 13th edition of a series of masterpieces. None other than Minami Aizawa could be won over and posed here as a model. This series has been popular among fans for years. High quality "Made in Japan" and high demands on the material have raised the bar for masturbators with the Meiki no Shoumei series.

    The onahole consists of an elastic, two-layer structure inspired by Minami's sexy body. Fine, vertical folds bridge the front and rear nub zones when tightened.
    Hold the masturbator in your hand and marvel at the many details that have been lovingly incorporated into the true-to-the-original image. When you spread the labia you can already see the delicate pink coloring and the bulging G-spot. Countless bulges, folds, nubs and indentations run through the love tunnel from front to back. The incredibly smooth and soft feeling of penetration gets your pulse racing and breathing faster. You can't wait to feel Minami. Your hard and aroused penis will beg for more with every thrust until you can't hold it back. Even the uterine vestibule, which stimulates your glans during deep penetration, has been reproduced down to the last detail. The creators have once again outdone themselves with this masterpiece.

    The "sweet little sister", as she is also called in Japan, enjoys an almost unsurpassed level of detail. The soft and realistically reproduced onahole, combined with the natural vaginal pressure that is generated by the weight of 800g, makes the ZERO something special. You can even find her autograph on the right front side, which was engraved in the onahole. An absolute "must have" for fans. A small bottle of lube has also been included so you can start playing right away.

    Due to the two colors, which give the masturbator a special touch, you will quickly notice that the Meiki ZERO consists of two different material thicknesses or layers of material. This further enhances the feeling of fucking a real life pornstar. A feeling very close to reality. A little harder on the outside and therefore a bit more grippy, pleasantly soft on the inside, almost velvety.

    Minami Aizawa, who was born under the zodiac sign Gemini on June 14th, 1996, started her career as an actress in 2016 at the tender age of only 19 years. She was born in the Japanese prefecture of Nagano and still lives there today. The petite beauty impresses with almost perfect measurements of 80-54-82 and a C-cup size. Currently, sweet Minami has starred in over 130 films. She made her debut with the film "First Impression 103", which was released in early September 2016.


    As a little bonus for all fans, we've linked her Twitter account here.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/epoint2016

    Simply use warm water to clean it. From time to time, however, it is a good idea to clean the onahole with the Onaclean so that you can also remove stubborn dirt. Every now and then, to prevent sticking, you simply powder your toy with a little care powder. After use, it can be stored hygienically by putting the masturbator back in the blister housing to prevent oil transfer. Please do not turn the masturbator inside out when cleaning! Please only use water-based lubricant.

    Before using for the first time
    Please wash the product once with water after opening before using it for the first time. With regular use and regular washing, we recommend using Onahole Powder to prevent the material from sticking.

    We recommend using a mild, pH-neutral soap for washing. If dirt remains inside, it can lead to mold and germs. Rinse the onahole with water and use a cleaning brush to remove any residue. Please do not turn the Onahole inside out for washing!

    To heat this product, use hot water of 50 degrees or less and heat it without turning it inside out. We therefore recommend the Hole Warmer from Rends for optimal warming. This heats the onaholes to 37 degrees in just 10 minutes.

    Use of lube
    Please only use water-based lubricant. We recommend the Peace's Lotion, for example. Most gels are water-based, but some are oil-based or silicone-based. Using such an oil-based lotion may cause deterioration or damage to the masturbator.

    Storage information
    Ultraviolet rays cause the elastomer (material name of Onahoru) to deteriorate. Avoid direct sunlight when storing and store the toy in a cool and dark place.

    About the life of the Onahoru
    With regular use, the surface inside the masturbator will gradually wear away a little. This gives the surface a moderately rough texture and arouses complex stimuli. Your toy is not broken because of it. You can use it many more times without any problems and experience unimagined orgasms.






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