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Tsumugi-chan Fluffy Super Boobs

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  • I000041
    • Paizuri Titjob Boobs, Fluffy Boobs
    • extremely large breasts (Bakunyu Fetish) with base
    • very soft and fluffy material
    • beautiful graphics and drawings by Japanese artist Rukitsura
    • dimensions: approx. 310 x 400 x 220 mm (12.2 x 15.7 x 8.7")
    • including 120ml bottle of lubricant
    • official manga collection
  • Incredibly soft and fluffy super boobs from Rukitsura and YUIRA from Japan One summer... more


    Incredibly soft and fluffy super boobs from Rukitsura and YUIRA from Japan

    One summer I returned to my hometown after a long absence. There I met my neighbor Tsumugi, who I used to play with as a child. "I'm not who I used to be," Tsumugi said. Her outgoing nature and friendliness haven't changed, but she wasn't entirely wrong. Her breasts have changed. And she likes it, like the way I look at wandering around her luscious breasts and I reach out for them, try as I might not to, but I need to touch them, I think to myself, I need to just touch those soft and large breasts.

    We at Omocha Dreams are proud to present these enormously large breasts by YUIRA and Japanese artist Rukitsura.

    The Tsumugi-chan Fluffy Super Boobs are an amazing pair of Bakunyu Tits that are huge in size and have massive nipples. These boobs just make you want more. They are beautifully textured, very heavy and ideal for titfuck (paizuri) sessions. Their base on which the breasts are placed makes them relatively easy to lay flat and use without slipping. The nipples are shown in great detail and look deceptively real, like real women with large breasts. The areolas are slightly curved, creating a fantastic feeling when stroked and touched. You will enjoy touching and massaging them, caressing and tugging at the nipples. Maybe you also love to caress those incredibly soft and large breasts, kiss them and bite your nipples lightly with your teeth or just let your face sink into them.

    Due to their special structure, the Tsumugi-chan Fluffy Super Boobs offer you an incredibly realistic feeling with every touch as well as a more realistic and moving "masturbation experience". The material is soft but not sticky. Grab some water-based lube and slide your hard cock back and forth between the breasts. At the same time, press them together with your hands and enjoy the incredible feeling of a tit job. A 120ml bottle of lubricant is included with this delivery so that you can start playing right after you have unpacked the boobs. The boobs weigh a whopping 10.3kg and are stable and extremely robust due to the enormously high weight. But please make sure that you always put them back in the blister so that they don't deform.

    For example, we recommend our Peace's Lotion as a lubricant. For optimal care, we recommend using a little warm water, mild soap and a Toy Clear Spray.


    The beautifully drawn illustrations on the packaging are by the Japanese artist Rukitsura, who is now known even beyond the borders of Japan for his anime drawings. "Currently I work under this name in the illustration production and color business." he says in an interview on his homepage. "I work as a graphic artist. Basically, I do painting work like adult games and I get requests for illustrations. But I also do doujin activities." Rukitsura mainly works on illustrations and merchandise production, primarily for Touhou and Dereste. "I used to work for an adult games company, so I was able to do a lot of work, such as characters and anime character backgrounds. I usually draw big breasts, but I can easily draw small breasts." he says and laughs.

    If you want to get an impression of his work and his works, you can click through various links that we have selected for you.

    Danbooru: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts?tags=rukitsura
    Rule34: https://rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rukitsura
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/rukitsura
    Homepage: https://rukitsura.com/
    Yande.re: https://yande.re/post?tags=rukitsura.


    Oil stain

    This product uses an elastomer as a material. Oil stains are inevitable, as is the case with the Onahoru.
    Please wash the product with a mild hand soap or body soap before using this product. You can reduce the oiliness by washing regularly. However, over-washing leads to product deterioration. Please be sure to wash as if you were gently washing your face.
    The supplied powder absorbs the bleeding oil, which reduces the stickiness of the surface and improves the smoothness and feel. In addition, the lower stickiness of the surface makes it more difficult for dust, dirt, etc. to adhere.


    Elastomer retains heat because it contains a lot of oil. It's very cold when it's cold and it becomes like human skin when heated.

    The estimated temperature after 15 minutes in the hot water is then around 40 degrees. If the 15 minutes are not enough to warm the toy, then simply put it back in the water again to get a suitable temperature. However, be careful never to use boiling water or to put the product in a saucepan with boiling water, as the bottom of the saucepan becomes very hot and the product can be damaged in the process. Warm breasts are softer than at normal temperatures. So please handle them carefully.

    Use with lingerie

    If you use the tits with lingerie, please do not wear them for too long, otherwise the oil will soak into your clothes.

    If you wear costumes or lingerie over the breasts, the color can also carry over. Please perform a patch test on the underside before donning.


    Elastomer, the material of the breasts, has the same properties as plastic and becomes soft at high temperatures. Therefore, it may deform when stored in a hot room. We therefore recommend that you store the tits in the blister pack in which the product is located and protect them from high temperatures and moisture. Ultraviolet rays are also a natural enemy of elastomers. So please avoid direct sunlight.

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