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G-Project NIKU-MAN Delta

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  • F000650
    • soft and fluffy onahole with luscious labia
    • extraordinary design make it something special
    • enables a gentle and at the same time intense stimulation
    • perfect handling due to an optimal weight of 600g
    • Anime girl design designed by B-Galaxy
  • NIKU-MAN Delta - an anime girl onahole that is extraordinary in shape and design!... more


    NIKU-MAN Delta - an anime girl onahole that is extraordinary in shape and design!


    The box of the onahole is adorned with a beautifully designed graphic designed by B-Galaxy. An innocent look, white flowers in long, red hair and a lush bosom make you want more just looking at this young woman. Be curious about a very interesting sex toy.


    Let us introduce - NIKU-MAN Delta. An onahole that is completely unique in shape and design. The thick and at the same time soft labia can be folded to the side, exposing the irresistible entrance to the love tunnel in the middle. Hence the name of the extraordinary masturbator. Delta - that's how we use the letter in the Greek alphabet. Shaped like a triangle, it also stands for change, which is very appropriate for this particular design.
    When entering the onahole, the three swollen flaps also create a certain amount of pressure on your penis. Just see how it feels. Gradually give a little pressure with your fingers on the outside or in the middle of the toy and experience different stimuli and different types of stimulation.

    Made from the in-house momochi material, this onahole offers you an incredibly soft and therefore realistic feeling. It is soft and therefore extremely elastic and adapts to any penis size. Nevertheless, it offers a good grip in your hands and lets you enjoy every thrust like with a real pussy. The thick outer walls create a special kind of feeling. With its weight of 600g, it lies neatly in the hand without it becoming too heavy with prolonged use.

    The entrance of this onahole is a little narrower than that of the NIKU-MAN Raw. The love tunnel itself is just as interesting as the rest of the toy. It is divided into 3 different areas. The first area is equipped with large round knobs that nestle around your glans or when penetrating deeper around your shaft. Then the tunnel becomes a little narrower and merges into the second area, which consists of a spiral with small, soft knobs. Feel an intense and comfortable feeling when you slide your cock in and out again. Don't worry, this toy follows every movement. Towards the end, the tunnel becomes a little wider again. Designed with large knobs again, the last area bends downwards. Play with the toy and turn it back and forth to feel how the knobs stimulate your glans and the underside of your penis. Let yourself go and enjoy the orgasm to the fullest when it comes your way.

    We don't promise you too much if the NIKU-MAN Delta Onahole becomes your new favorite toy.


    Quick tip: When using, please use a sufficient amount of water-based lubricant to create a realistic feeling. It will be even more pleasant if you warm it up beforehand with our Onahole Warmer or in a water bath. Simply use warm water to clean it. Every now and then you simply powder your toy with a little cornstarch to prevent it from sticking. After use, it can be stored hygienically by putting the masturbator back in the blister housing. But make sure that it is dry beforehand so that no bacteria form.


    Weight: 600 grams
    Length: 160mm
    Width: 85mm
    Height: 85mm
    Tunnel length: approx. 14cm (stretchable)



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