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Air Dream Cover No.6 Yuzugi

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  • S000086
    • inflatable pillow for masturbators and onaholes
    • suitable for a variety of different male toys
    • quick and easy to use
    • lovingly designed by a Japanese painter
    • allows hands-free masturbation for a realistic feel
  • Experience the masturbator pillow for hands-free masturbation for a realistic feeling!... more


    Experience the masturbator pillow for hands-free masturbation for a realistic feeling!

    The Air Dream Cover from SSI Japan offers you an ideal addition to your favorite toy. Simply inflated, the pillow can be used with a variety of different onaholes.
    These are inserted at the lower end of the pillow and thanks to the size are stable and do not slip. We recommend that you only half inflate the pillow before inserting the masturbator. This makes it easier to insert your toy. Once you have inserted your toy, the pillow can then be fully inflated.

    It can be used almost anywhere. Whether on the bed, the couch or the desk. Thanks to its compact size, the Air Dream Cover can also be easily taken with you when you travel.

    Illustration: Yuzu Ten Fan (Fantasy Category Best Award)
    The cover was drawn by a popular Japanese painter. The drawing won a competition organized by the popular illustration posting site "Nijie". The view was designed so that you have the "first-person" perspective with a direct view of the face of the figure drawn on the cover. But not only the front has been lovingly designed. The back of the pillow was also designed by the painter. It shows the rear view of the figure and is also very chic to look at. For example, different positions can be simulated and re-enacted.

    This Air Dream Cover is a limited edition in production. As soon as the supply is used up, it's over. An absolute "must-have" for fans and collectors.

    The cushions are made of classic 2WAY tricot (is also used for neck rolls, for example) and give you a pleasantly soft feeling when you touch them. Enjoy hands-free masturbation to your heart's content and experience your favorite toy in a completely new way.

    Pillow size: 550 x 350 mm

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